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What You Don’t Know About Blog Giveaways Can Fill this Page

Friday, April 15th, 2011

sex and the city cupcakes

What you don’t know about blog giveaways might not fill a book, but it can certainly fill this page.

This is written by a blogger, meant to be read by sponsors, readers who enter giveaways, and other bloggers.

Blog giveaways (How to run them and how to approach them):


What we know: We know if you visited the sponsor site. And they know, too. Because of Google Analytics and other programs that let us see stats like that, people know exactly how many people clicked a link and where it went to, or where the incoming click came from.

Why does it matter: For giveaways, sponsors want that publicity. And if you don’t visit their site (it’s a lousy click, why can’t you do it?) then they won’t do giveaways with that site again, and maybe not other sites either.

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Giveaway Blog Home of the Pick Your Prize Contest & Pick Your Prize Sweepstakes

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

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When a sponsor is gracious enough to let us, we always let you pick your giveaway prize. Why does the giveaway blog often offer the pick your prize contest / pick your prize sweepstakes? Because while winning prizes is great, winning something that you’ve hand-picked is even more exciting!

We connect you with new brands and products, and when we’re able to, we want you to get exactly what you want. If it’s a makeup giveaway, we want you to get the shade that will compliment YOUR skintone. If it’s a perfume giveaway, we want you to pick what smells good to YOU with blog giveaways!

Check out either of these links:

Blog Giveaways: Our Wonderful Readers Give Back!

Monday, February 7th, 2011

blog giveaways

There’s truly nothing as nice as hearing that you’re appreciated. Well, maybe a clear blue sky in the middle of winter would be particularly nice… but hearing a simple and genuine “thank you” can make it seem like a beautiful day, no matter the weather or your emotional condition. (On a Monday, I can start spiraling into a bad mood because of a hangnail.)

On the opposite end of the spectrum of “getting a hangnail” are all sorts of little pleasures. Like lotions that take away the roughness of your feet, music that drifts you off to memories of childhood, mineral eyeshadows that are super pigmented, healthy organic snacks that actually taste yummers…

We’d like to thank our Blog Sponors who contribute to letting us and our readers get to know their products and brand a little bit more. So, we’ve created this “THANK YOU” post! Here, we’ll even spell it out for you…

We do so many giveaway blog posts, it just seemed like it was time to let everyone see all of the sweet (and sometimes seriously joyful!) comments that readers e-mail to us when we tell them they’ve been selected as the winner.

Giveaways have been on since we started in October of 2009. (Gasp, oh the y ... Read More

Stretchy Fabric Headbands from Violet Love (Giveaway!)

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

If you’re looking for fabric headbands for women then you must check out Violet Love. They have a wonderful collection of different patterns, and even headbands made specifically for exercise. We have a chance to offer ten readers a headband!

It all started with our headbands, and the Violet Love brand was born. Our fresh fashion-forward headbands aren’t simply one of a kind, but over 100 of a kind! Offering over 100 different prints to fit everyone’s needs, whether you’re pretty and playful or funky retro, we have the perfect hair accessory for you. All Violet Love headbands have a very unique construction with unfinished edges, offering our fashionable ladies endless styling possibilities. Our no-slip, no headache headbands are made from a luxurious and buttery soft nylon-lycra blend for a comfort that is unparallel.

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Giveaway: Cedarlane Coupons!

Monday, October 11th, 2010

all natural frozen dinners 1

Cedarlane is offering three coupons for two winners!

THE GREAT GIVEAWAY PRIZE: Two winners will receive three coupons for Cedarlane frozen foods.

– Giveaway ends on Sunday October 17, 2010!

MANDATORY FIRST ENTRY: Go to Cedarlane Foods and fill in the blanks for this sentence copy and paste the full sentence: I would use my Cedarlane coupons on ____. (Name at least one meal item from their menu.)

EXTRA CREDIT ENTRIES: (You must do the main entry first, post an additional comment for every bonus entry you do! If you’ve already followed us on twitter or subscribed to the newsletter, leave comments for those entries for ev ... Read More

Wall Decal Giveaway: Decorating Ideas Galore

Friday, October 8th, 2010

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So, earlier today I showed you my new wrought iron headboard decal from Trading Phases. Did you check it it – DID YOU? I’m proud of it! Trading Phases is offering up a giveaway for a reader, now! Wall decals are cheap wall art ideas that you should definitely utilize wherever you live!

This is one of our picks for Accidental Autumn Happiness! (2010)


Zevia Review & Giveaway: Refreshing and Natural

Monday, October 4th, 2010

zevia review

I make it no secret that I LOVE Diet Soda Pop. I love the FIZZ. And I love the lack of calories. Well, I recently had a chance to try a new kind of Diet Soda Pop called Zevia. Since some of you might be curious, I think it’ll be nice to give you my thoughts on the drink and the different flavors.

I’m usually pretty loyal to other brands because I tend to get into a routine. But I think I will be breaking my routine to get a couple of these Zevia flavors. The Zevia pops are made with Stevia (I know, funny names that rhyme) which is a natural sweetner found in the Rainforest. The tagline for Zevia is, “Nature’s Answer to Diet Soda.” Color me intrigued. I like the idea of all natural things – whether that’s all natural food, all natural makeup, or all natural drinks.

I did a little Googlin’ on Stevia and found it’s a great sweetener for those watching carbs, and has been widely used in Japan since the 70’s. My only concern is if ... Read More

Diamond Giveaway! We’re letting you pick your prize, to boot!

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

peridot pendant

Kranich’s Jewelers has a wide variety of beautiful pieces of jewelry. Family run, this business has all sorts of high quality brands, and they also have a special section Penn State Jewelry. for I was sent a beautiful peridot and diamond pendant to review.

It’s a little smaller than I had thought it would be, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any larger. I love the side filigree detail. The green of the pendant really catches the light in a lovely way. I’ve already received loads of compliments, and agreed to let my Mother borrow the necklace. It’s the perfect amount of sparkle for a special look.

Peridot has a yellow-green color. It’s said to help ward off negative emotions and promote clarity and healing with it’s lightness. Well, sign me up for that! I read that it’s actually the stone of emotional healing. How do you like that? Who couldn’t use a little more emotional balance?

I like the Kranich’s website because it’s very easy to navigate. You guys know that I write for a jewelry blog ( and so I’v ... Read More

Giveaway! It’s Time to Save Ferris Bueller, Again! (Save Ferris Shirt)

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Not just written on watertower's anymore! SAVE FERRIS

No, there is no re-make of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the works – thank God! A remake would ruin that classic. I’m talking about a really fun Save Ferris T-shirt we got from NachoMamaTees. If you’re wondering where to buy funny t shirts, it’s there. They have a huge selection of different, inexpensive T-shirts, hoodies, and more. I love funny t-shirts. And really, I never wear them enough. (I end up wearing basic, solid-colored shirts, instead. Boring! God, I can hear you yawn from here.)

Not just written on watertower's anymore! SAVE FERRIS

I love the Save Ferris shirt because, who doesn’t love that movie!? (Know someone who doesn’t? WE WANT NAMES!) This ... Read More