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Some of the Best Everyday Sneakers for Wide Feet (Brooks Brand Review)

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

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As a casual sort o’ gal, I love to wear sneakers –  A LOT. When it came time to get a new pair, I was looking at the Brooks Brand of Shoes.While I hadn’t worn any before, I figure that it can only do me good to branch out into knowing and wearing more sneaker brands. Just because I know other brands more doesn’t mean they’re more suited to me. I reached out to Brooks Brand, and they were kind enough to send me out a pair of sneakers to try out.

But first, I told them exactly what I was looking for. And what DO I look for? Comfort, for one thing. And the shoes need to be durable, since, as I said, I wear sneakers a lot. And call me shallow, but I care what things LOOK like. I don’t want to wear ugly shoes, you know?

I was sent the Brooks Glycerin 8. Immediatley after slipping these puppies on I could feel a comfortable difference in these sneakers over other’s I’ve worn. Also, these are super cute-tastic. They’re sporty, but not without an artistic design element to them.

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