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Spotlight on Julie Hewett Makeup for RED Lips

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010


I took to the task of looking at all of the products on the Julie Hewett website because I’d bookmarked it a while ago. I’ve seen Julie’s products mentioned by celebs and other bloggers – so I know it’s got some merit. When I discover a new makeup line (especially if it’s got cute packaging – and this line DOES) my first impulse is that I want to buy one of each product. Of course, reality comes crashing in and I realize that’s just not something I can do unless I want to to debtors prison. Which may not even be a thing they have anymore, but in older books they always make it sound scary! Still, treating yourself to ONE new item that’s expensive is okay once in a while. And there’s nothing wrong with LOOKING.

What’s unique to Hewett’s line is this cameilla oil stuff, but also – Hewett is renoun for her use of RED lip products. So if you want to go for Julie Hewett, my suggestion is to try one of her lip products with a red hue. (After all, you don’t go to an Italian restaurant and then order an oriental salad. You go for what they’re known for doing well!)

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Be a Woman who Cuts Through Red Tape

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

red patent heels defines Red Tape as: “excessive formality and routine required before official action can be taken.” I was thinking about red tape as I was listening to the Cake song “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”. It’s an incredibly upbeat, fun song. And the lyrics are great. The color red is inspiring to me because it’s such a bold, powerful color. Like WHAZZOM – I’m here, I’ve ARRIVED! Wearing red items can help you feel confident, weird as that might sound. And I know I say some PRETTY weird things sometimes, but this I’m serious about! So get on board, and wear some red.

I love poppies. Poppy picture by asjaboros on Flickr.

I want a girl with a mind like a diamond I want a girl who knows what’s best I want a girl with shoes that cut And eyes that burn like cigarettes

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