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The 5 best Cat Toys ever (cat-tested and cat-approved)

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

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Loyal readers of know I own two cats. And I’ve bought well more than my fair share of toys for them. Some of them have been great, and some of them have been so bad I’d gone and returned them the next day. (Especially stuff at Walgreens that is “as seen on TV.” Blech.) And today, I am sharing with you the 5 best cat toys I’ve ever seen any cats as never getting tired of, and always enjoying.

The 5 Best Cat Toys

Best Cat Toys #1 – The Cat Dancer

Wanna know the good news? Not only do 95% of cats love this toy, but it’s really inexpensive (coming in at under four dollars, you can’t afford not to get one.) It is basically a bouncy wire (springed steel) with a few cardboardy pieces that are rolled into small logs. My younger cat never, ever tires of this toy. She’ll play as long as I’m willing to. She will also lead me to the toy on the floor, then sit and look at me. Her eyes TELL me that it’s time to play. ( ... Read More

Bamboo Pet & Fat Cat Review and Giveaway

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

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As a pet owner, I adore giving my pets treats and toys. I recently learned about the website for Bamboo Pet and Fat Cat, and the company graciously sent Shopcat and Shopdog some products so that we can see how they like them. And because we ended up loving this stuff so much, we’re doing a giveaway so that you guys can win some products!

Shopcat has gone just about flippin’ CRAAAZY for thisĀ ... Read More