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Win! Animal Friendly Fun Wallets by Namaste Inc are Modern

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

large wallets for women

One incredibly stylish and lucky reader of this review blog and giveaway blog (of top giveaway blogs) is going to win an animal-friendly luxe red wallet from Namaste Inc. I’ve been told that this particular wallet (and color) is a popular item, and having been able to review it myself, I can attest that it earns the envy of others!

What is Namaste Inc? They offer fun wallets, but plenty more. “Stylish and versatile bags and accessories made for modern women who are always-on-the-go; knitters, moms, businesswomen, etc. | 100% animal-friendly!”

These particular beauties are large wallets for women, it’ll fit all of your stuff. You can even hold it like a clutch and it looks stunning and just plain amazing. Stylish, modern and decidedly fun, these Namaste Inc. wallets give you the same joy you had when playing dress up as a child.

Fun + function = THIS WALLET!

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Remarkably Hip Animal Friendly Purses and Wallets by Namaste Inc.

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

animal friendly purses

I’ve just seen the pictures of five different adorable animals who all belong to the family that owns and operates Namaste Inc. The company makes animal friendly faux leather purses, animal friendly wallets, and even more very smart, stylish accessories. This company exudes warmth. And every aspect of their company is stylish, even down to the fonts used on their website. I’m very, very impressed. They have real vision, and this is a company to respect.

Receiving items from Namaste INC. put a smile on my face. Here’s what I got and what I thought of it:

Urban Hip Holster: It’s boasted as being durable (check mark!) and made of PVC free materials (check mark!) It comes with two attachable/detachable straps. I like the shoulder strap, but I can’t see myself using the hip strap because ... Read More