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Amanda Seyfried Shoes (Spotlight on Sanuk!)

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

amanda seyfried shoes

Amanda Seyfried loves Sanuk sandals – that much is clear. She’s been spotted out and about walking her dog, Finn, wearing a pair.

I mentioned this earlier, but I bet you didn’t think I’d come back with a wacky graphic to show you guys that I had proof!

(Psst. No, THAT’S not the wacky graphic!)

I spotted these pictures during one of my lazy “look at pictures of celebrities” times of the day (which is far more often then I’ll admit *whistles*) and have confirmed with the press people for Sanuk, that these are, indeed, Sanuk’s! And “Sanuk” is really as fun to say as it is to type. Don’t believe me? Try it! Sanuk, sanuk, sanuk!

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