Yu-Be Review: Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream is an outright Miracle Product

by on Thursday, March 24th, 2011

I’ve tested A LOT of lotions in my years. And because I have dry skin, I am pretty dedicated to only using the best ones (but that doesn’t ever mean the highest price, I couldn’t afford to live that way!) I’ve now had a chance to try out a lotion that soars to one of the top five lotions I’ve ever tried! It’s no joke that I seriously call this a miracle for dry skin.

"The #1 Selling Medicated, Vitamin-Enriched Skin Care Cream in Japan - Est. 1957"

I’m talking about Yu-Be Skin Care.

YU BE REVIEW: It’s going to make your skin smooth, almost instantly. SNAP SNAP, and it’s already working. Even on your cuticles (which are hard to make soft!) The grease factor is nil, your skin absorbs this stuff quickly and it doesn’t rub off in the process. I used it on my elbows, feet, face, cuticles, hands…there was no where I didn’t want it. And it’s safe for everything – like your face, or your kids! You can even put it on your lips, although they also have a lip balm (more on that later.) The secret, I think, is the glycerin base. It’s just so silky and smooth without being heavy. I don’t know how they did it. But I do know that they started doing it in Japan back in 1957.

My experience with Yu-Be couldn’t have been better. The lotion is exceptional. Exceptional! The lip balm was pretty good, too. I could compare the balm with maybe one or two other brands who are similarly great, but there’s really nothing coming to mind that mimics this lotion with its specific properties and works so damn fast. It’s a seriously solid buy. In fact, it would be a great gift if the packaging were a little less clean and a little more …girlified, I guess. Still, that’d probably make it more expensive. For a great gift, buy a bunch of Yu-Be products and put them in a spa basket with a white robe and slippers. Ta-da! My Yu-Be review is to buy some, and buy some now. Using it is believing it.

Now, I also got a chance to try the Yu-Be Heel & Elbow Moisturizing Socks. I think these are necessary for other lotions, but with Yu-Be you don’t need these! But if you’d like to try, they’re fun and kind of a funny yellow color. They might bother you if you have larger feet or arms, but they stretch a bit.

While I am not super keen on the price for Yu-Be I also think it’s very much worth the price. ($16.00 for a 1.25 oz Tube, $29.00 10.25oz pump, $25.00 2.75oz Jar.)

Disclaimer: As stated, I was sent items for review. No monetary compensation was offered or taken.

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