What’s the Real Deal with a WellnessMat?

by on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Have you heard of a WellnessMat? We recently had one sent to us, which was reviewed by two people. Firstly, I had a chance to review the mat. And then secondly, my Mother used the mat. I thought it was a great item for her to try because she is a fine oil painter and often stands for hours in front of her easel. She has a sore back most of the time, and that’s no fun. It actually discourages her from painting as long as she’d like. Needless to say, the WellnessMat seemed like a really great idea to try.

What we both discovered is that the mat really is wonderful. When I heard that some people owned more than one, I thought it was silly. You know, like – psh, greedy much? But now I understand why! These mats are great for all over your house, especially in areas of the kitchen like in front of your sink (to do dishes and unload the dishwasher.) If you’re a frequent cook (I am not, hehe) you’d benefit from one in front of the stove. You might even enjoy having it in front of the TV while you play on a Wii!

If you have a job where you stand in roughly one area for a long time every day, I would say you or your employer should look into getting one of these. The mats provide one of the best ways to relieve back pain, or ways to help if you’ve recently had any kind of surgery. My first thought was that the women who work the makeup counters would love these. I always feel bad that they have to stay standing all day.

The WellnessMats are ergonomically engineered. What they do is help with circulation, better posture, and the reduction of fatigue or muscle stress. The mats are soft, buoyant items you stand upon. The mats are nonslip, and resistant to bacteria and stains. They’re very easy to clean, you just wipe them down.

In a non-scientific way…basically, I would step on it and suddenly I felt like a CareBear who was made of a might lighter (happier) substance, and who could bounce around on clouds. Standing on a Wellness Mat just feels good.

Wellnessmats are advocated by healthcare professionals and are service-industry favorites for airports, salons, gyms, retailers, hotels and professional kitchens. Ideal for every location in your home where standing is commonplace: kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and workshop. Advanced polyurethane technology. Made in the USA. 7-year manufacturer warranty.

The website says that the 6×2 mat is the most popular size. I think it’s nice that it covers such a large area.

Product Features

• Medically proven to promote proper circulation, better posture and reduce muscle fatigue and stress
• The best anti-fatigue mat offers 50% more comfort than other leading mats
• Buoyant and resilient to retain shape and give support for years
• Comfort and longevity is built into each fiber of the advanced polyurethane
• Will not de-laminate or curl at the edges
• Nonslip surface, nonskid bottom and no-trip beveled edge for ultimate walking safety and ease in rolling serving carts
• Smooth antimicrobial surface is stain- and bacteria-resistant
• Puncture- and heat-resistant

You can buy a Wellness Mat at Amazon.com or from WellnessMat.com.

The WellnessMat has beveled edges so you won’t trip. (I was fine with it, but when it was in my Mom’s kitchen my Dad did say he was tripping on it because he wasn’t used to it being there.) It’s available in several different color choices (gray, black, tan, brown or burgundy.) Some have patterned motifs. There are also lots of sizes. We sampled the size of 3×2 feet and I think it’s a really great size. But you can get larger sizes, too. If you end up liking it, you can buy other sections to compliment the first one. I kind of want to buy one to use in my bathroom. Standing in front of the sink to floss, apply makeup, etc – it all can stress your back. Am I right?

Disclosure: I was sent an item for review, but was not monetarily compensated in any other way.

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