Our Ongoing VibraSlim Reviews: Does VibraSlim Work?

by on Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Does VibraSlim work? Yes! And I aim to answer this question with an in-depth look at VibraSlim and giving you my VibraSlim reviews.

good vibration machineWhat does vibration fitness do? I got started with some vibration exercise research because I really wanted to know HOW and WHY this machine works. Vibration exercise machines are supposed to help your circulation, strengthen joints, tone muscles, increase bone density and help aid weight loss. Not a bad list of things, eh?

Vibration Exercise Research: The whole-body vibration machine creates a muscle stretch reflex. (Wiki reference: Stretch Reflex) I could try to explain this in very nerdy detail, but basically, it’s a muscle reflex that moves your muscles back into place when they’re stimulated. You should also definietly check out the Wiki page for whole-body vibration for lots of details. This exercise was created out of a need to help astronauts have more bone density. And now we get to use what helps astronauts. It’s enough to make me want to pull out my old VHS copy of Apollo 13. No, better yet, I’ll just watch the Community season 2 episode that is an homage to that movie. (Isn’t that cast amazing? I got to talk with Danny Pudi aka Abed once, and he really IS as funny as you think he’d be.) ….Where was I? Well. To help me get the toned body of Alison Brie aka Annie, we must continue on in our facts! And I have cute post-it’s in neon colors!

Whole-body vibration helps your bone density increase, but, uh, how? Aren’t my bones just kind of…sitting where they are? Well, the vibrations compress and move your bone tissue around so that the cells that build bones get working. Over time, your bone density increases. This is totally bad news for Sally Fields and her annoying Boniva commercials.

does vibraslim work

If you treat your bones well and let them maintain density, they'll stand the test of time!

Something else I learned (which also makes total sense) is that this is basically a passive exercise which makes it especially ideal for the elderly, people with illness, disease, or extreme weight. I’d also add that it’s ideal for people with low motivation like moi, as well.

You only have to use the machine for 10 minutes. That’s right. TEN minutes is all that is required of you. And they actually don’t encourage you to use it a lot more! There are lots of studies that say 10 minutes on a vibration machine is equal to an hour of more standard exercising. Why? It’s because the impact is stronger. It’s the superhero machine of exercising equipment!

I know some people are interested specifically in vibration machine weight loss. So I will definietly be looking for that as much as general toning, as I chronicle my experience with VibraSlim!

And oh yes, I will be reviewing it! I  received a VibraSlim unit and it comes in a fairly large , heavy box. My first tip? Open the box and remove the pieces separatley, rather than trying to move the entire box all together!

Now, the machine is no where near as bulky and large as a treadmill. And it has wheels, so you can really wheel it into position (like in front of the TV) and I love that. This is reported to be one of the less noisy units for vibration fitness around. So, that is especially good news since my other job involves watching TV and reviewing/writing about it.

vibraslim reviewsAffordability: The home model is $1,699. Yes. It’s a big number. But some of us spend so much on little splurges that we could have that money if we wanted to. (My new thing for 2011 is not splurging on movie tickets, candy, or smaller non-essentials so that I can buy bigger items that I’ll enjoy more.) If you have no wiggle room in your budget I think you should seriously think about using this as a goal of what big purchase to buy next (depending on how important getting healthy is for you right now) or finding a local gym that either has a VibraSlim or is willing to buy one for everyone to use. If you do buy one of your own (which is nice, because you can use it anytime you want) you get the ultimate guarantee. You get the VibraSlim Money Back Guarantee, a Lifetime Motor warranty and a two year overall Warranty. They’re not selling you bad products, and they’ll help you out if there are any problems!

You want to get a good vibration machine, and you’ll get one with the VibraSlim. I can vouch for them. What’s more, I can show you the prices of their competitors:

Compare Vibration Fitness Prices to VibraSlim:
Power Plate – $4,000 to $8,500.
Proellixe Vibration – $12,000
TurboSonic – $7,500 and up.
VibroGym Plate- $8,500 and up.
M-Power Plate – $9,000 and up
Galileo Vibration – $8,000 and up.
K2 Platform – $3,500 and up.

vibration exercise machine reviewCelebrities: Yes, I do like celebrities. (Had you noticed that, maybe? Hehe.) And I think it’s cool to know that not only do plenty of celebrities like Gwen Stefani,  Jessica Alba, Julie Andrews, and Heidi Klum (who I just got to talk to!)  use vibration fitness, but some even specifically love the VibraSlim.

Like, for instance, Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill! She told Health Magazine, “I just got a vibrating plate called a ‘VibraSlim’ and I’m so excited about it. You can work out on it, but I use mine after a workout to shake out my muscles. And what’s neat is that it helps you build bone density. I’m 26 now, and thinking about the fact that women are developing osteoporosis in their 40s.”

Vibration Exercise Machine Review:

Fitness Vibration Plate Specifics
Vibration type: Oscillating Vibration
Speeds: 17 Vibration Settings
Assembled Size: 22 D x 32 W x 48 H inch
Net weight: 92lbs / Gross weight – 99lbs

I’m keeping a diary of my use with the VibraSlim. But I can tell you guys a bit, thus far! It feels good to use (Mmmm!). It’s very easy to use. I mean, in terms of motivation – I only have to get myself off the couch and onto the platform. Boom. Then I’m there and I hit the button to start! It’s really the easiest exercise in the world. The fact that it counts as exercise is amazing. But what’s more amazing is that it revs up my metabolism and it gives me energy that makes me then want to do more (more exercising and just more in terms of my gameplan for the day.) And I noticed this a lot. After just four days my energy levels on the whole were up, and I wanted to do a lot more intensive house cleaning (which is rare.) I just feel…like being more productive. You know? And that’s helpful to my life in general, since dirty dishes are so very gross. It’s also helpful to my health, since increased activity means more calories are getting burned. Score!

vibration exercise machine review

We've come so far with technology. People seriously used to buy records like this to exercise along to! I remember my Elementary School Gym teacher playing a Mickey Mouse Jazzercise record like this! It was called Mousercise!

The machine is incredibly intuitive. What I mean by this is that…you don’t need to read the instructions to even use it. (Although, you should read them, at least once!) It’s easy to operate, and easy to make myself do when I only have to do 10 minutes. What’s weird is that I tend to want to do more. Me, wanting to do MORE exercise? That’s unheard of! Seriously. I never say that about the treadmill. I do think that whole-body vibration has lots of merits and am able to testify that it does work. I don’t even have to know all of the science to know that I feel it working for my body.

By changing your position and posture, you can work out different sections of your body. One of my favorite moves is straightening my legs totally and then feeling my lower back vibrating like a massage.

The VibraSlim is a very good vibration machine. It’s so easy to use the VibraSlim, and it inspires me to want to use it. Since I can do as little as 10 minutes, there’s always time to do it. It’s easy to stick to an exercise plan that asks so little of you! That means you’ll never feel like passing up a day of your workout, which means you’ll have higher success rates with your exercise.

The VibraSlim is very quiet, and doesn’t wobble around or sway. Other vibration machines sometimes do this, and they’re often pretty loud. The VibraSlim isn’t.

You can check out the VibraSlim almost wherever you are! I also encourage you to contact your local gyms and suggest they purchase a VibraSlim. If you can’t afford your own, look for a gym that already has one (or leave a suggestion in their tip jar!) Tell them you want to try the Vibration exercise machine VibraSlim! I really cannot say enough positive things about it.

USA: www.myvibraslim.com
Canada: www.vibraslim.ca
Europe: www.vibraslim.eu

Stay tuned for my account of day-by-day VibraSlim reviews after I’ve used this for a couple weeks! I’ll also have pictures! It’s kind of my own vibration exercise research, straight from my own experiences. It’s also a rare opportunity for me to give a detailed vibration exercise machine review, so I’m very amped about this and taking it very seriously.

Dinosaur bone pictures: Redjar. Sophia Bush magazine cover from Health Magazine. Good Housekeeping Record picture by: Kevin Dooley.

Disclaimer: As stated, I received a unit to review. No monetary compensation was given, and what I’m writing is true of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the VibraSlim.

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