Review Spotlight: Natural Soy Candles by Soy Delites

by on Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Soy Delites products do not disappoint. If you’re looking for a candle recommendation – whether your for yourself or as a gift, do yourself a considerable favor in considering them. These are handmade 100% soy-based candles, created by a husband and wife team in Austin, Texas. You simply have to check out Soy Candles by Soy Delites.

9 oz Glasses

I’m sure that you’ve been in the same position I have so many times – you want a candle that smells as good when you sniff at it as when you light it. On top of that, now that we know that soy burns cleaner and purer than paraffin wax and is nontoxic, natural and non-hazardous. And, yes – on top of that – we like our candles to look pretty. Soy Delites covers all three of those areas.

I received an assortment of Soy Delites products to review for you guys.  After all, nothing sucks more than spending money on something, taking a risk, and realizing it’s not good at all. So I’m here to tell you about a company you might not have heard of, and to vouch for them.

You will certainly impress your household and friends if you whip these out. If we were making one of those Oprah-like favorite lists, we’d have to include these. In fact, someone should tell Oprah about them!

The scents of these candles is powerful. Which is really the most important factor, to me. They stayed strong, and lasted strong whenever I was burning them – and even just as they were (unlit.)

Travel Tins

Here are my reviews of some of the scents they offer:

Vanilla – A sweet, gorgeous scent. This is Madagascar vanilla with tiny bits of chocolate and buttercream imbued into the sweet, gorgeous scent. It’s not overpowering like cake batter, but it’s right in that area. It’s addictive, I’m addicted to this candle! After I had played my wii and then showered and popped in a Chuck DVD, I lit this candle and it was a perfect little night. And this scent burns great with the other anxiety-reducing scent of…lavender!

Lavender – This is a more subtle scent than the vanilla. I’m a major fan of lavender because I know it is one of the scents known to remove stress (and I’m always stressed!) If you’re interested, I also have read that it’s one of the biggest (surprisingly) scent turn-on’s for males. I loved lighting this candle while I was writing for work the other day, the scent lingers and subconsciously works to calm you down – and when you suddenly catch a whiff it’s a beautiful, calming scent. This would be a perfect candle to bring into a bathroom for a restful bath/spa session.


Sandalwood Amber – This here is a strong scent with a rich, deep vibe to it. It has musk and floral qualities. I will be using this all fall – it’s perfect for curling up to watch autumnal foliage accumulate outside (read: what do you mean I have to rake it all up!?) while I chill with Shopcat in one of her million different “lay down and relax” spots. But then again, I’d almost call this “Summer Romance” – it would be a beautiful compliment to sitting on the porch late on a summer night with a loved one.

Pomegranate – Sweet meets sour in a citrus explosion for this uplifting scent. It’s much easier to smell pomegranate than to eat it.

Ginger Lemongrass – Described as “clean and invigorating” this citrus scent inspired me to want to meditate and I felt very earthy – like I should go walk a through the woods or something.

Cucumber Melon – Sweet watermelon is paired with fresh cucumber for this summery scent.

Soy Delites offers not just an array of scents, but of style options. You can pick from votives, tealights, travel tins, or their two different sizes of signature glasses (which are re-usabable as actual glasses, have a prism effect to reflect light, and earned a compliment from my Mother the instant she saw them.)

These burn a long time. The four ounce tins burn for 25 hours, while the 9 oz. glasses give you 75 hours of candle beauty/scent! If you’re only going to try one…I’d go for the 6 0z. glass in vanilla.

5 oz Glasses

Something to emphasize is that because these are soy candles, they burn slowly and truly cleanly – there’s no soot or black sludge that accumulates anywhere (especially not in the air.) It’s nice to know I’m not getting any gunk covering the items in a room with the smoke from a candle (something I wickedly fear about incense, and candles – to a lesser degree.) Soy candles are simply a better option.

There are so many great sites, and the website design is actually really cute and sweet – so definitely check this company out. They deserve more recognition than they’ve gotten so far – but have a big Austin fanbase of satisfied customers.

Website: Soy Candles by Soy Delites

Disclaimer: As noted, I received items to review but was not paid in any way for my opinion.

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