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by on Monday, September 20th, 2010

Because I dream a LOT of Pop (yes, I call it pop) the Sodastream is a really cool idea. I drink Diet Coke a lot – but when I’m trying to be healthier I drink sparkling, flavored waters. See, I don’t like flat water! Which is why this invention feels made for moi.

Sodastream is a fast, easy, and economical solution to making and enjoying your own soda or sparkling, flavored water. I was happy to receive a starter kit from the company to review. Sometimes I don’t feel very competent, but I decided I would put it together on my own. Surprise, surprise – I was able to! You don’t need tools at all.

Next step, making the tasty stuff! I’ll admit that I glossed over the directions too quickly, and because I didn’t realize I had to screw the bottle into place, I was flooding my kitchen a tiny bit at first! But guess what, I have a friend on Twitter who responded to me and told me what I had done wrong. And she’s from Sweden – she said that the Sodastream is SUPER popular in Sweden! And I believe her because the instructions came in many languages, including Swedish!

With this small machine and cute little flavoring bottles, I’m saving a ton of space in my kitchen. No more ugly boxes of pop, no more constantly buying them and lugging them inside – and no more having to recycle cans because there are no cans at all!

After one day, I was a pro! And I was able to feel like a bartender, mixing drinks. Something I really love is that usually if I buy Diet Coke, that’s all I have in the house. If you buy a couple Sodastream flavors at once, you can switch from having Orange Soda to Cream Soda that same day. Because they sent me so many flavors, it’s like I’m a kid in a candy store. Every time I get a new glass, I’m going for a new flavor.

Now, I love to drink DIET soda’s. And the selection that Sodastream offers is huge. Seriously. I was surprised. In restaurants they only ever offer just a Diet Cola. Here, there’s Diet Cream Soda, Diet Orange Pop, Diet Cranberry Raspberry – lots of really great flavors. And after only drinking Diet Coke, it’s such a nice change of pace!

I liked every flavor of the Soda I tested, and could tell what they were. They are all true to what they say they are. I also tested the three water flavors. Maybe I haven’t gotten the hang of flavoring the water yet, but so far I’m not a big fan of these. However, I can still carbonate water and then add flavorings of my own if I want. (If I ever get around to growing mint leaves I could have some plain seltzer water with mint!)

The only con you might have at all with Sodastream is that when you make the soda you make three loud buzz’s. If you try to sneak pop late at night, it could wake someone up, I guess. Otherwise, this is a really flawless machine. There’s no mess at all, the flavor containers are so CUTE and they make it REALLY easy to pour and measure things. (Note: I’ve found that the first buzz doesn’t always happen, but the first push should be counted as a buzz.)

You can pick how much to flavor things, and how much to carbonate everything. If you are looking for tips, I really do like the three push’s to carbonate my drinks. And what’s great is the bottles have caps so you can make your 1 liter of something, and then store it in the fridge. That means NO MORE WASTED CANS OF DIET COKE THAT ARE HALF FULL AND FLAT! Seriously, I’ve wasted far too much! You’re saving money because it’s only 25 cents per a can of soda.

There are over 30 soda flavorings. Plus an energy drink, and the three water flavors! VARIETY. They have that covered. Because I’m so used to Diet Coke, I’m really loving the different Diet flavors.

Sodastream flavor review:

The quality of flavors are really good. Here are my favorites:

  • Diet Cranberry Raspberry
  • Diet Cream Soda (My Dad thought it was normal cream soda!)
  • Diet Orange (This is maybe my favorite!)
  • Orange Mango (So unique!)

I can’t wait to order up some Diet Lemonade and Diet Pink Grapefruit. I tried the Coke Zero, and I should have opted for the Diet Cola since that’s what I normally try. But the Coke Zero and Cola both tasted just as they should. As long as you follow the instructions you’ll have the same taste you’re expecting. It’s when I tried to measure things on my own that I was running into trouble.

There’s also a huge environmentally friendly aspect to the Sodastream. There’s less packaging waste from bottles or cans that don’t get recycled (“According to the US Recycling Institute, more than 80% of bottles in the US do not get recycled and end up in landfills.”), and there’s less pollution because of less transport for all the cans and bottles.

They’re quick to point out on the website that the regular flavors have no high-fructose corn syrup, and that the diet flavors are sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener instead of aspartame. Which is all good. I did find one other con to the sodastreamer. There is less caffeine. A regular coke has 23mg of caffeine, and a  Sodastream cola has 15mg. However, that’s not a major, major difference.

Making carbonated water and soft drinks is simple! Turn tap water into sparkling water in under 30 seconds, with no clean-up. Enjoy the freshness and convenience of homemade soda and protect the environment at the same time. No heavy bottles to carry, store at home or throw away. Fizz to your taste and add the flavor of your choice to make your favorite drink. Simple to clean and reuse. With a variety of colors and silhouettes, you’ll be sure to find a soda maker to match with any decor.

Fountain Jet – Soda Starter Kit

This package includes everything you need to make great tasting soda in your own home.

This package includes:

* Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker
* 1 60 liter Carbonator
* 2 Carbonating Bottles
* 2 SodaMix flavors (your choice) – each bottle makes 12 liters of soda

My experience has been VERY positive! Check it all out at SodaStream

Disclosure: I was provided a review product. My opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

This is one of our picks for Accidental Autumn Happiness! (2010)

THE GREAT GIVEAWAY PRIZE: A Fountain Jet Soda Lover’s Start-up Kit (approx. $100 retail value.) It includes the Fountain Jet, CO2 makes over 100 liters of soda, 2 reusable carbonating bottles, a sample pack of flavors, and 3 full-sized flavors of the winner’s choice. The prize is offered by Sodastream.

– Giveaway ends on Sunday October 10, 2012!

Do not leave c/p links or they might end up spammed, just tell us if you tweeted, etc. We’ll check to make sure you did if you win.

MANDATORY FIRST ENTRY: For your main entry include your e-mail address written exactly like this: name (at) gmail (dotcom).  You only need to include that once. Go to Sodastream and fill in the blanks for this sentence, “I think it would be fun to combine the ___ sodastream flavor and the ___ sodastream flavor.” If you win, you’ll get to pick any three flavors you want!

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