Shredded Latex Pillow Review

by on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Organic mattress store Savvy Rest offers more than just mattresses. They have organic mattresses for cribs, organic bed toppers, organic bedding and organic pillows. I’m going to focus on the pillows. They sent me the Shredded Latex Pillow.

Soft, shredded latex (blended Dunlop and Talalay) conforms to your neck and shoulders for secure yet moveable support. These pillows are intentionally overstuffed so you can make your own perfect, personal fit. Just unzip the inner and outer casings and remove any amount of fill to create just-right height and density. Approximate height: 4-8”

Shredded Latex Pillow Review:

This pillow is really, really nice. I didn’t think it would be this nice, actually. The way it comes is very plump, and I think it’s perfect as-is to use in bed as a back rest, for reading, or for back sleepers. I also used it on my couch when I was laying down to watch some TV. It gives great support. The thing about this pillow is, it’s not just your general soft pillow, or even a foam type pillow that everyone hypes up these days. Because it has little pieces of shredded latex, it has a bounce that WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! Every little piece (particle, atom, etc) can be rearranged so you’re never making any part more smushed. They rearrange themselves automatically to fit around you. (Loved that.)

The price is more than a typical pillow. It’s $79.00 for a standard size, but because it does the job of two pillows it’s actually a very economical way to ditch two lame pillows and just use one great organic pillow. It’s cray-cray (read: crazy) how super soft this pillow is! (I love super soft pillows, but I need to get one for side/back sleepers!)

You can read more Savvy Rest Reviews on their Facebook page. And check out the natural latex mattress they offer, as well.

Disclosure: I was sent an item for review, but was not monetarily compensated in any other way.

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