Review Spotlight: Creativity is Messy Recycled T-Shirt Rose Headband

by on Friday, July 30th, 2010

You remember the shop name Creativity is Messy because we’re running a giveaway for one of their recycled T-shirt “Roses” headbands (open until August 8th.) I’m also here to give my review report! This is a shop we found by the suggestion of singer April Smith (whose song with The Great Picture Show was featured in the Weeds season 6 promo.)

The packaging from Creativity is Messy includes different colored tissue paper inside of the box, which is taped and wrapped around your “roses” securely. I really liked that there were different colors of tissue paper – and if you were giving this as a gift, the recipient would also really think you went out of your way (bonus!)

The headbands are simple, but simple can be really good. The yellow t-shirt material is casual, which means this headband will pair well with other casual outfits. It comes on a stainless steel gunmetal tone headband which I am happy to report is not tight or painful to wear at all! The two yellow roses (there’s about 1″ in diameter per rose) each have a small 3mm round brass bead.

Something unusual and as an added bonus is that is that while the roses are sewn securely onto the headband, the nature of the smooth band, and ingenuity of the shop maker (Tera), is that you can slide these roses into other positions on the headband. But unless you move it, the roses otherwise stay still.

I think headbands like this give just a little extra pizzaz when you’re wearing a ponytail or a low bun, and they’re (obviously) super easy to style your hair with. Just pop it on, and voila – maybe pull some of your shorter layered hair forward.

You can find the Yellow Roses headband and other handmade jewelry and accessories at the Creativity is Messy Etsy Shop. The Shop owner, Tera, has a blog, and a the shop itself has a Facebook and a Twitter.

Smart snaps for this shop!

Disclaimer: We received an item to review, but were not compensated for our opinion.

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