Provenance Restaurant Reviews – Cleveland Museum of Art (My personal experience, w/ pictures!)

by on Monday, July 1st, 2013

Last week, I went with my Mother and her friend (both artists) to the Cleveland Museum of Art. We took time to visit the exhibition “The Last Days of Pompeii” and also have a restorative lunch at the new restaurant within the museum, Provenance. Inside this piece, I will detail our lunch experience. Try not to read on an empty stomach.

You don’t have to pay anything to get into the museum, plenty of the wings are free. And the scenery inside (and out) is always captivating. In the main atrium area, you can access escalators, the gift shop, tables, Provenance the fine restaurant, or Provenance cafe. (The latter is best for a quicker meal, and the selections there are wide.)

The atrium has been completely re-designed and opened up in the past couple of years. Great light, great acoustics, great…big space to twirl in if it’s not too crowded!

Inside the restaurant, everything has a sense of purpose and space. Despite the minimal lines of the furniture, there’s a coziness to the place that encourages you to breath deeply and really enjoy your meal. Best of all, a long window lines the entire far wall, looking out to a lush hill of greenery. If you start thinking of it as a living landscape, “framed” on the wall, then you wouldn’t be alone in that thought.

Provenance Cleveland Museum of Art Pictures

Here are a selections of views from inside and near Provenance, inside the Cleveland Museum of Art. The decor is streamlined and contemporary with detailed nudges towards tradition.

Provenance Restaurant Reviews – Cleveland Museum of Art – Bread

Your first taste: warm bread with butter. But not just any butter, it is seasoned with Hawaiian sea salt. Word from our waitress was that the entire wait staff behind the scenes is a big fan of the way the salt acts on the butter. This made us especially excited to try it. (It was so good that I nearly asked for more of the salt!)

Provenance Restaurant Reviews – Cleveland Museum of Art – Salad Course

My Mother, who was with me, had this delicious romaine salad served with pancetta and shaved Parmesan cheese. If you don’t like the paired salad dressing, they will let you change it. Their bacon ranch was wonderful (I stole a taste.)

Provenance Restaurant Reviews – Cleveland Museum of Art – Appetizer

This preparation of seared hhi tuna came with tuscan white beans & scallions with kalamata, caper & lemon relish. A delightful mix, and a great starter.

Provenance Restaurant Reviews – Cleveland Museum of Art – Entrees

Bang Bang Shrimp Noodle Salad is served with a spicy peanut sauce. We were told it was not all that spicy, however…it really is. (I eat Thai food, but even I thought it was.) If you can handle that, then this is a nice light, cool Summer option to order.

When I asked our sweet waitress (Allison) what she’d recommend this was the dish of Trout Meuniere she said would really make me happy. I told her I like a lot of fish, but hadn’t before had trout. Let’s fast forward to the results… it was absolutely amazing. Another tip from the waitress was not to be afraid of the skin, it’s actually crispy and you are encouraged to eat it. Which I did. And I am glad I did. (You can even ask for it to be prepared extra crispy. I would do that next time.) The trout was served with wonderfully seasoned, beautiful vegetables and fingerling potatoes confit. Everything had a succulent, delicious taste. I highly recommend this dish for anyone visiting Provenance. When I go back, this is absolutely what I will order again. Not just good, this dish was great.

Provenance Restaurant Reviews – Cleveland Museum of Art – Dessert Course

Care for a little dessert? We did. This was on the “Last Days of Pompeii” menu, and was a unique sweet snack. It is called the Castagnole di Cioccolato. Imagine them as warm dumpling-like doughnuts, covered in powdered sugar and served on a bed of bittersweet chocolate sauce and (the best part) a lemon cream. The combination of sauces worked splendidly.

Visit soon: Cleveland’s Provenance (Reservations are important to have for the restaurant, although you can pop into the cafe without one. Provenance also hosts large social engagements and meetings.)

Disclaimer: Meal provided in order to be reviewed.

Recommended reading: The Last Days of Pompeii – Cleveland Museum of Art exhibition review – A fresh eye on past tragedy

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