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by on Thursday, January 6th, 2011

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your reusable bags to be pretty. And if that’s the case, I have a company for you to take a look at. ChicoBag makes pretty reusable shopping and grocery bags. These stand out to me because of the variety of lightweight bag shapes/types as well as patterns.

Why Bother to Use a Reusable Shopping Bag?

Single-use plastic bags are building landfills up, cluttering our planet with unnecessary waste. We need to stop using them.

reusable bags for vegetablesWhat makes ChicoBags different is that they have an “integrated stuff pouch” and a carabiner clip. What this means is that you can easily carry these around on your keychain, in your purse, or glove box. And what THAT means is that you are so much more likely to have it on hand when you need to use it.

Reusable Bags for Fresh Produce

reusable bags for fresh produceAlong with the typical bags you might expect, the company also has produce stand bags “designed to maintain optimal humidity and air flow keeping fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy” so you can easily bag your fruits and veggies at the grocery store. Reusable bags for vegetables are something I might have overlooked – it’s easy to take for granted how much we USE.

My Experience with ChicoBags/ My Chico Bag Review

I was able to sample some of the ChicoBags first hand. Some of the bags are labeled as a rePETe, meaning they’re made from recycled materials – a huge bonus.

I reviewed three shapes. The sling, which is a really handy bag that you can use for shopping, grocery shopping, or other chores like going to yoga or to the library. I really like this design. I love that you can wash it (cold, hang to dry) if it gets dirty. It comes in several colors, and there is also a collection with patterns on them. The reusable sling bag is very fun.

The original ChicoBag shape has two handles, which is similar to the plastic bags I’m used to at grocery stores. It can hold 25 lbs. I like that it has two handles. I also like that it has a little bit of flower embroidery on the handle.

The Vita shape is a newer ChicoBag, and very popular. This might be because it can hold 40 lbs. The Vita has two handles like the original, but they’re positioned differently and makes it easier to wear this bag over your shoulder. The Vita also has more pattern collections available – from retro polka dot designs to patterns inspired by the organic shapes of leaves in nature. (My favorite bag between the original and Vita is the Vita!)

The ChicoBag website itself is really well made. I love that for every bag you can get a picture of what it looks like curled up in its pouch, and as the full bag. And they do this for every color and pattern! That is something I really value when doing online shopping, since you can’t be there in person to touch it and turn it around. The only thing I’d say is that I’d like to see more pictures of the bags with people to gauge the size of the bags. (The Vita was larger than I thought, and the Original was somehow smaller than I thought – go figure!)  Another recommendation is that they could do a contest on the site where people do a “what’s in my bag” type of entry, taking a picture of their bag next to everything they’ve managed to haul in it. The winner could be who had the most creative and logical assortment, or who made the most of their space…I don’t know! Mostly I just want to snoop and see what you are all buying, mwahaha.

ChicoBag lets you shop without guilt. And when we’re dealing with a company that’s helping the planet like this, it honestly makes me feel more hopeful about the entire world.

My In-Depth Chico Bag Review:

I thought I’d like the original shape because it’s similar to the plastic grocery bags I’m used to, but I think the Vita shape is my favorite. It easily goes over your shoulder, and it’s LARGE for lots of stuff. I also like the sling a lot. These bags are great, and I LOVE the designs! I would start out with a couple Vita bags and then try a sling. I also think that you should try the reusable bags for fresh produce because isn’t that a great idea?!

As I stated earlier, my favorite shape is the Vita. For the Vita’s, I like the Vintage Collection and the Karma Collection. Whether you like dreamy, girly colors or earthy tones – Chico Bags have all of the colors and patterns you could want covered. I really admire how they’ve done more than just basic colors.

The texture of the bags is cool because they feel light weight, but they also seem like they’d be hard to puncture. And that’s the ideal! (So unless a vampire comes running towards you and you try to defend yourself with your Chico Bag, you should be fine to lug lots of heavy items in it! But also: where are you living where vampires can come running at you? And that means it’s night? Why are you shopping at night? My theory has a lot of holes in it. …Unlike the bags. Baddaboom!)

Picture time!

pretty reusable shopping bags



pretty reusable shopping bags



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