Plus Size Robes for Women from Shirley of Hollywood

by on Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Hello, readers! To remind you all I’m Rachel, one of your new writers. I’m in my 30’s and what I’ll be covering is plus size fashion. That’s right, I’m not a petite size 2! I know that other women, just like me, want to know where quality plus size items are actually available. Sometimes it feels like a myth, all “okay, so there’s plus size clothing….out there….somewhere….don’t know if it fits or has quality….uh….” That’s why spreading the word about what works is as crucial to me as a seasonal cleaning of my closets. (I always put my seasonal-appropriate clothing in the dresser drawers I use most to make it easier for me. Likewise, I recently arranged my closet so I can easily grab my cardigans and Fall hoodies. )

The first site I’m spotlighting is, which features all sorts of sexy lingerie. Oh, la, la! Gurlys, it’s time to get your sexy on. Although, I went for something that is both sexy and tame at the same time. How that gets accomplished, I don’t know. Mystery of life.

I’m reviewing the Luxurious Charmeuse Kimono Robe in a Plus Size by Shirley of Hollywood. The site has a few different plus size robes for women, but this one is pretty tasteful for more than strictly sexy occasions. I don’t wear mine to have that much cleavage showing. They’ve currently sold out of the average sizes, but still have the plus sizes. For once, we’re the winners! They go from 1x to 6x and cost $32.99/$44.99 each.

I really wanted the blue, but they only have black and red left. Well, the red seemed too “come hither” for me, so I picked black.

The robe is meant to be short, and fit true to size. But if you wanted something less sexy, I would order one size larger. It’s made of silky polyester and seems just like silk to me. (I’m not rich enough to be used to real silk to know if there is even an ounce of difference in the feel, but I suspect it is minimal at best.)  There are sleeves which are 3/4, and side pockets. Shirley of Hollywood makes all sorts of plus size wear (good to know, I’m making a mental note), including robes like this.

The two things I didn’t like were that the silk sash doesn’t really tie (it just falls away) and I felt like it ran many a smidge small. I tried to get it in one size up, but at that time they’d already sold out of the black robes. (I believe they have now restocked though.) If you want a strictly sexy robe, go for your normal size. If you want more coverage, go one size up.

It makes me feel posh, like I’m going to have a luxurious time and meet a strange lover on a yacht. …Feels like silk. It has a nice shine….sheen, going on.

The material is thin and perfect for laying over other lingerie, or for spring and summer. I wouldn’t suggest flouncing out to get your newspaper (do people still do this?) in the middle of a heavy snow while wearing it, unless you were laying it over a snowsuit. (But who sleeps in snowsuits aside from people doing ecological studies at the North Pole?) has way more Plus Size Lingerie, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for something that will fit your curves.

Disclosure: I was sent an review item, but there was no monetary compensation. My opinion is truthful of my experience.

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