Plus Size Geek Girl Shirts: Five Stylish Designs

by on Monday, May 16th, 2011

We’re all geeky for something. For those of ya’ll lucky enough to love some of the truly geeky things I love (TV shows like: True Blood, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who) then you’ll be happy to know there is a place for a plus size geek girl to find shirts with geek street cred, yo.

It's smart and it'll confuse people. Fun with Chemistry: a Ferrous Wheel (as seen on The Big Bang Theory) is a mecca of geek toys, office supplies, clothing and more. Want an electronic butterfly in a jar? They have it. Want geek cat toys? They have them. A scrolling LED belt buckle? …Yup. Basically….it encourages you to stop being so serious and just have fun! And, hello, I love that spirit.

I received two geek girl t-shirts from the site, and I like them a lot. The geeky selection is great. They offer unisex/men shirts as well as women’s, kids, and other items of apparel. I would love to see my friend, Elizabeth, in the hand painted silk bacon scarf, seriously.

The sizes on the unisex shirts are 3XL, and the women’s shirts go to 2XL. I think they should let both men and women’s sizes go up to the same, though. That’s weird – and most places do it like that. The appeal of a woman’s plus size shirt is that it’s cut a little more flattering for curves, the sleeves aren’t as long as on a unisex shirt, and the neckline isn’t so blunt.While it’s true that generally men are larger than women, if you’ve ever seen Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) you know that sometimes a male is super skinny. That’s why I think that to expand and be the ultimate place for plus size geek shirts for women Think Geek should expand on the sizes they offer to compete with other geek shirt sites.

And why do I even care? Well, their logo is a monkey, and that’s fun. The people who work there have all been really cool to us at, and they have so many other great things that you can then bundle all the things you want in one big purchase. I could probably do all of my Christmas shopping on this one site, and what is Christmas without the traditional “okay, I’m also buying this X  for myself…”? I can’t be the only one who does that – I just take advantage of the sale prices, ya’ll!

I want to mention that with each shirt you receive a bag and slip to return the item if the size is wrong, and knowing that headache is out of the way for me and any future gift recipients is a huge relief. Well played, Think Geek.

plus size geek girl

It's a little morbid, but so is life. Prime Cuts of Unicorn Babydoll

My fear is that people will actually not take it ironically... Soft Kitty (The Big Bang Theory reference)

For a less clingy shirt, opt for a unisex shirt, seen below.

The below two have a theme of less girly, more geek. (More power to ya!)

plus size geek shirts

Because you have just heard a classic Sheldon Cooper BAZINGA. The Bazinga Saturation Hypothesis

plus size geek

Yet another piece of proof that all I do is watch The Big Bang Theory. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock shirt

Disclosure: Shirts were received for review purposes.

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