Double the Green! Organic Cotton Towels from Turkey

by on Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Eden Home sells organic EVERYTHING – from organic clothing to organic soaps. They allowed me to review an item from their site, and I picked the Eden Home Polka Dot Organic Towels from Forza. These are organic towels from Turkey, made from 100% Turkish organic Bergama Cotton. They towels are actually loomed by hand by master weavers in Bursa, Turkey.

organic cotton towelsI love my Mom, but she did take a critical approach about this. When she saw the towel she said, “Why are there polka dots? Why is it green?” Psh! C’mon. It may not match anything else in my bathroom right now, but I don’t care! My new favorite color is green, and the polka dots are happy and fun. Once you reach a certain age, bath toys are no longer an option. People try to make baths more fun with loofahs, scented soaps, blah blah blah – but none of that compares with the fun I used to have playing with my Little Mermaid Barbie in the tub.

The towel is very absorbent and because it’s 100% cotton, it will become softer as I wash it. It’s a little heavy, but that’s perfect for all of those cold winter months. I love the idea of using organic cotton towels, my only concern is if I can wash them as I wash my other items.

To take a precaution, I did as instructed and washed the towel as soon as I got it in warm water. The website says that even if one of the loops gets snagged, I can cut it and it won’t unravel. But it also says I should wash the towel separately. This would be more ideal if I had several of the same organic cotton towels because washing them together would make sense. Here, I’ll be taking my chances and washing them with other clothes. What do you think? Is that a bad risk?

Double the green: an organic towel in the color green. Voila!

Right now these organic towels are on sale! Shop: Eden Home Gifts

Disclosure: Products were sent for review purposes, but no monetarily compensation was received.

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