Onyx Jewelry for Women from All Over the Globe

by on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

I love the jewelry on Novica, and when I got a chance to review a piece, I’ll admit it – I kind of went crazy and spent a couple hours looking at all of the options. I drove my friends nuts.

I finally picked a black onyx necklace made by Mahavir in India to review from Novica. It is no longer listed on the site with a picture for me to show you.  Well, I got to thinkin’ (I know, I shouldn’t do that!) tou don’t often see a lot of great pieces of onyx jewelry for women, but Novica has plenty! So I’m going to share a few with you. One of the items is by Kenari in Bali and Java, and Kenari is one of my favorite artisans on the site. I actually used my own money to buy a pair of earrings by Kenari. Those earrings arrived on time, but the black onyx necklace actually did not arrive by the ETA. Of course, this was coming all the way from India!

Black Onyx and Pearl Necklace for Women “Duet” by Wayan Sarjana

Large Black Onyx pendant necklace, ‘Midnight Beauty’ by Kenari

emma glee jewelry

Pearl and onyx dangle earrings, ‘Silver Bow’ by Caterina Butera

Isn’t this SO like what Emma on Glee would wear as jewelry?

Flower Pearl and black onyx earrings for women, ‘Facets’ by Neeru Goel.

Black Onyx Choker, ‘black oval’ by Cecilia Pasquel.

Black onyx earrings, ‘New Medieval’ by Victor Williams.

Why you should buy from Novica:

  1. Their jewelry collection is expansive and has unique items from all over the globe.
  2. Your purchases support artisans from oceans away.
  3. When you buy items from Novica you can an artisan story card, which lets you know exactly who made the item you now own.
  4. Items come in a very unique gift box.
  5. Back to #2, your purchases change LIVES.

Disclosure: An item was sent for review, there was no monetary compensation. My thoughts are my own.

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