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by on Monday, May 7th, 2012

Your new secret weapon for healthy snacking ideas is

Let’s talk about nuts. I’m nuts, which is probably one of my better qualities. But there’s also And before you go thinking it’s such a simple-sounding website that it might not even be real… let me fix that thought for you. The site name is simple, but they have branded themselves as an incredibly fun destination to buy ALL SORTS of things. From the pretty blue and orange re-sealable packages to the box (with cartoon drawings) that the items arrive in, everything about the process is fun.

I got to sample 3 items from I do recommend ordering from this website, but I would only re-order one of the below items.

Dried Fruit Chips Review – These offered several varieties of fruit but I’ll be honest, I could really only taste banana and then “other” which was a sweet mix (which was apples, pineapple, etc.) I loved this, though. It was very healthy and had a great crunch. My only comment against it would be that there was too many banana chips. It’s great for healthy snacking ideas. The packaging was not just cute, but super functional to keep everything fresh! Eat again: yes!

Dark Chocolate Raisins Review – When I buy the popular brand of chocolate covered raisins, I go with dark chocolate to be healthy. But the chocolate coating is much thicker from, and it was really way too much chocolate (dark or not) for me. I would prefer there be more presence of raisin. Even with the milk choclate, I’d still think the chocolate should be less strong. That said, the chocolate was high quality, and the packaging was amazing. I think dark chocolate with cherries might be good. Eat again: no. (Try milk chocolate, or dark with cherries maybe?)

Dark Chocolate Banana Chips Review – I really was just trying these out, and I came away unimpressed. The banana chips don’t work well with the consistency of chocolate. And as with the rasins, the chocolate coatings were THICK – meaning these are not healthy snacks. It was also way too much dark chocolate in a bite at once. They make great chocolate, I just was hoping for a healthier option. That wasn’t this. Eat again? No.

Do you know how nice this site is? They often throw in free samples of items in with your order.  They’re super fun and incredibly nice. I trust this company, and that says a lot.

Disclosure: products provided for review.

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