A Moose Pillow Pal Visited Me with his Rascally Raccoon Friend

by on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

There was one day last week when I was having a no-good-very-bad-terrible kind of day. And there was no hope on the horizon. I’d settled into my defeatist mode.

pig pillow pal

pig pillow pal

That’s not admirable, I know. But I was just hoping the next day would be better. Well, after a nap (just to escape the day!) I was clued in to the fact that I’d received a plump package.

racoon pillow pet

racoon pillow pal

I ripped it open when I saw the phrase “Pillow Pals” and living together inside of a black drawstring bag were Miss Mandy Moose and Miss Rhianna Racoon. Well, those aren’t their official names – just what I picked for them. While I’d heard of Pillow Pets, I didn’t know about Pillow Pals.

They’re a variation on a similar idea. And even though I am a woman of almost 30, they cheered me up SO MUCH. I was animating them and letting them anchor the news as it aired on TV, and just hugging them. They’re plump, fluffy critters with suuuuch soft chenille “fur.” They have a little velcro thing on their stomach, so you can unlatch them and they become a flatter pillow.They become a full 18″ wide. This makes them functional without losing the fun. These are even safe for newborns, and you CAN machine wash them (whew.)

moose pillow pal

moose pillow pal

They look cute no matter where you put them, especially if you stage scenes for people to find. And of course, kids LOVE these giant versions of plump animals with friendly faces. Since we don’t have kids, I’ve decided to donate these to the Salvation Army.

Pillow Pals emphasized a great point about how it’s okay for kids to carry around stuffed animals longer than it is to carry blankets. And since these unfold into pillow/blankets your child might really appreciate them.

polar bear pillow pet

polar bear pillow pal

There’s a dog pillow pal, raccoon pillow pal, moose pillow pal, pig pillow pal and polar bear pillow pal. The racoon has a really cute tail, although the moose’s “fur” was somehow softer. However, the antlers were hard to keep in a position, so I’d suggest any of the others.

You know I love Canada. And …. Pillow Pals are from Canada!

Shop for: Pillow Pals $19.99 each

dog pillow pet

dog pillow pal

moose pillow pet

moose pillow pal

Update: I’ve realized that the Moose antlers here perfectly resemble a fist with a middle finger up. MAJOR OOPS on the companies part. So, don’t get the moose!

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