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by on Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Looking for fun gifts for Dad? The Hatley Store is all about FUN and COMFORT. My Dad never buys things for himself, especially when it comes to golf shirts (even though he golfs once a week) and pajamas (and he sleeps every night!) So I perused the Hatley site and found two items that were perfect for them. Hatley let us review them, and here is what he had to say:

Ruff Life Adult Polo Tee: He was afraid, at first, that not being able to touch and see the shirt in person would mean that the quality would be less than stellar. “I don’t know if it’ll be nice enough to wear on the course,” he said when we picked it out. But I said we should trust this brand. And who was right? Me! Because now this is his go-to favorite Golf shirt (or anywhere shirt). He loves blue, and it’s a nice shade that matches jeans or khaki’s easily.

It’s roomy, and the feel of the shirt is ultra nice. I know he’d love getting more of these in other colors. And some are even more playful. This one has a dog logo, but it’s very subtle. I think he should get the Game Fish polo next, which is a brighter shade of blue and has a fish skeleton logo (small, but definitely speaks to a happy spirit!)

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Raven Lunatic Men’s Flannel Pajama Pants: Everything being plaid is boring. But these pajamas pants have raven’s and they say “Raven Lunatic” which is totally true for my Dad. Har har. It’s fun, though! And trust me, even Dads like to have funky fashion.

The pants are soft, and my Dad likes that they have an elastic waistband. With washings, I predict his pants will only get softer. And having more pjs means he has less excuses to sleep in his jeans by falling asleep while watching reruns of The Twilight Zone! My Mom will report back to me on his progress. Because, c’mon, sleeping in actual pj’s is so much more comfortable than jeans.

Support this sponsor and check out funky fashion for both men, women and kids:

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Disclaimer: I received items to review.

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