Little Pim Review: French DVDs for Children (of all ages, really!)

by on Friday, October 15th, 2010

I started my foreign language education in 7th grade, which seemed young at the time, but I now know is late in the game! Most schools these days require your child to take at least one foreign language, and most college degrees also require it. So, you’ll be doing your son/daughter a HUGE favor by helping them learn a language early on in life.

I took Spanish in 7th grade because there were not enough kids who wanted to take French. But in college I finally got a chance to take French. Guess what? I found it SO much harder to learn those five years later. The Spanish is what has stuck with me. But I refuse to give up on my dreams of going to Paris. So, when Little Pim offered to send us some items to show how their foreign language education program works, I said, “SEND US STUFF FOR FRANCAIS, POR FAVOR…er, S;IL VOUS PLAIT!”

What is Little Pim?

Little Pim is an award-winning foreign language immersion DVD series for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. We currently offer three theme-based DVDs that use our unique Entertainment Immersion Method™, which combines animation and real kids, teaching simple words and phrases for everyday activities. Each program is available individually or in a discounted three-disc set. Currently we offer Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, English (ESL), German, Arabic, and Russian.

The entire DVD is spoken by native speakers, and words are presented and repeated at regular intervals. Each Little Pim DVD focuses on sixty words and phrases typically acquired in a toddler’s primary language, providing the essential building blocks for language acquisition.

I was sent one Little Pim French DVD, and CD. I was already aware that full immersion is the best way to learn a language, and love that the DVD is all in French. (You can elect to have English subtitles, but I found it harder with the subtitles.) The DVD is very friendly (taught by a cartoon panda, Little Pim, and showing clips of different children and families speaking their native tongue) and if you’re a visual learner, it’s perfect. They show activities or items while saying phrases you repeat, and after a five minute section they review it all. It never felt like a chore. I think children will find this an upbeat, entertaining series.

The CD includes a book of the lyrics (including a helpful English translation), and the words used include words taught on the DVD. I think learning languages through music is great, becuase it’s a fun way of memorizing what words mean, and how to pronounce them.

Little Pim DVDs are designed and paced for developing minds. Young children respond enthusiastically to Little Pim’s format, a combination of animation and live action. Babies respond to black and white, therefore the panda captures the attention of even the youngest viewers. Each 35-minute DVD is segmented into seven 5-minute episodes to accommodate a young child’s attention span and encourage pausing for parent interaction. Simple sentences are broken down into easy-to-understand parts, and reinforced through repetition.

Julia Pimsleur Levine created Little Pim. She is the daughter of Dr. Paul Pimsleur, and had a bilingual childhood.I think these DVDs would even be helpful to teenagers or college-educated students who are finding it difficult to really pick up French. I’ve had loads of friends who’ve studied languages and then gone abroad. What’s the one thing they had in common? They felt like even after years and YEARS of school, they never truly mastered the language until they had a semester in the actual country where they had total immersion of the language and very little English at all.

Look how easy it is to learn three French words from Little Pim:

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Disclosure: As stated, I was sent items to review. But I was not monetarily compensated. The views expressed are my own.

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