Do you still love what you buy, a day later?

by on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

While going over plenty of the over 200 websites in the CSN network, I realized that they have the lowest prices (often with free shipping) of just about anywhere. I know this because I always try to find reviews of things I’m buying, so I always check Amazon.

Celebrate every day. Every day is a holiday: Today we’re celebrating being proud of your purchases (especially if you’re as indecisive as I am.) I am now the owner of World Imports Lighting French Country Influence Two Light Flush Mount in French Bronze, Omega Paw Ripple Board Scratch’n Massage Cat Scratcher, and Play-N-Squeak Shake Yr Tail Feather Cat Toy.

How to think about things if you aren’t sure of your purchase:

  • This isn’t the last purchase you’ll ever make.
  • This is just another reason why you should always read product reviews before making purchases – remember that!
  • When it comes to pet or baby toys, both can be fickle.
  • Hey, YOU can be fickle too. It’s okay.
  • Everything you buy that you don’t love is a chance to find another thing you love, another time.
  • If you have the receipt, do something about it!
French Country lighting fixture by World Imports, in bronze.

French Country lighting fixture by World Imports, in bronze

World Imports Lighting French Country Influence Two Light Flush Mount in French Bronze review: I am used to having a three light bulb lighting fixture, but now that I’ve finally gotten this thing installed in my bedroom I like it just as much. The glass is textured and shaded a bit rather than being clear. This gives off a light that is somewhat dimmed, but feels very soft and warm. I prefer this over my previous lighting fixture. I was so sick of having a fixture where the top hung down a bit and bugs would always fly in an die – making for a gross display after the running time of a summer. In choosing a flush mount I thought I’d solved everything, but I failed to factor in that changing light bulbs will be much more difficult now – because I have to unscrew and take down a very heavy dome every time a light bulb goes out. Still, it’s better than having the inside be filled with dust and dead mosquito’s! I’ve seen hours looking at Home Depot for light fixtures and they had much more basic ones that I didn’t even like for much high price points – I’m very glad I didn’t go buy one of them. I am glad I have a new light fixture though, if you are wondering how to update your room – having a light fixture that reflects the theme and style of your room really helps. CSN Price: $38.33

Omega Paw Ripple Board Scratch'n Massage Cat Scratcher

Omega Paw Ripple Board Scratch'n Massage Cat Scratcher

Omega Paw Ripple Board Scratch’n Massage Cat Scratcher review: This is a product with great reviews, that Shopcat hasn’t warmed up to as much as I’d like. I’ve seen her get inside the box, but I’ve yet to see her doing much scratching or rolling around in it. But this has great potential, and I think that she will come around. What cat can resist the smell of catnip? (Not her!) I like how the box has three levels of cardboard, so you are paying for one, but getting three versions of the box. If your cat ends up loving this thing, that will really come in handy. I’ve stopped trimming down Shopcat nails, so she definitely needs something to scratch other than the furniture (which she still trys to sneak off and do sometimes!) CSN Price: $15.95


Play-N-Squeak Shake Yr Tail Feather Cat Toy

Play-N-Squeak Shake Yr Tail Feather Cat Toy review: Shopcat loves to lick feathers, so I knew I had to get a toy with feathers for her. This mouse (with feathers…it’s an odd mouse) only has to be tapped to make a high-pitched noise which does interest Shopcat. While this toy had very good reviews everywhere, Shopcat wasn’t as interested in it. If I throw it she’ll run after it, but she doesn’t like to chew on it and doesn’t engage it on her own. It’s not interactive with a cat as much as I prefer cat toys to be. Still, cat toys are always different for every cats. In terms of sound effects, I’d rate this toy very highly. CSN Price: $11.49

Your She’s Smart blog daily challenge: Buy something you are sure you love, and don’t have regrets about it!

Disclaimer: Item’s were sent to me by CSN to review. I was not compensated in any other way. You can trust what I write is my own opinion.

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