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by on Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Why am I a fan of a jewelry deal a date site? Easy, because the deals these types of sites can provide are able to be MAJOR. Of course, I don’t know how each site runs or what their deals are.

EDIT: This was initially a post about, however they did not mail out the prizing to our giveaway winner (even after several e-mails were placed to contact them and their pr firm about this), so I have concluded I cannot vouch for them,even though they did at least send me the review item.

This is a jewelry deal of the day site. They thrive based on their knowledge of how to get great deals on mass¬† jewelry orders, and then being able to sell them at a lower price point. You benefit from their smarts, and their program. They don’t make you register like other sites, and they actually include birth stones of the month during that month.

I have a sister born in December, and one of the necklaces they had up was this beautiful Genuine Blue Topaz and Diamond necklace. As I was able to review an item, this is what I asked for. Luckily I was able to score one. I’m so excited to give this to her for Christmas.

Of course, if you guys know anything about me, it’s that I hate ugly/tacky things. So if they had said “here, we have a blue topaz piece of jewelry” and it turned out to be ugly, I would have turned it down for something else. But I actually really liked this! Good taste on their part.

An added feature that they have that many one deal a day jewelry sites don’t have, is an extra deal a day. Sometimes they’ll have two jewelry deals of the day.

As with any one deal a day jewelry site, make sure you read whether an item is (for instance) genuine ruby or a ruby cz or ruby crystal. Also pay attention to what the genuine diamond carats are. Sometimes they can look  small, even though they are real. But all diamond are expensive. A .25 carat diamond is worth anywhere from $200-$500.

Bottom line: Buying wholesale lets people spend much less than when it’s retail, so a one deal a day jewelry site will always be able to give you a great deal!

What you save is often a whopping 80% off the retail price. Even on items with genuine diamonds! Like, my mind doesn’t want to wrap itself around that. But it’s true.

Here’s an example of a deal a day jewelry:

The Bonus Deal for 12/12/10 was this .25 Carat Genuine Diamond Sterling Silver Round Pendant with Chain

Retail Price: $250.00
You Save: 80%
Your Price : $49.00

Disclaimer: A review item was sent, but there was no monetary compensation. My opinions are my own.

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