How to Raise your Metabolism Fast with the VibraSlim: Just USE it!

by on Friday, February 25th, 2011

My VibraSlim Reviews Diary: Chronicling the first consecutive 7 days of usin the VibraSlim, and then skipping ahead a week to tell you whether I kept this up or not!

how to raise metabolism fastI’m not in super-fantastic-amazing great shape (ugh, who is?)  I hate gyms and I don’t like to work out.  I’m not someone who gets up at 6 a.m. and says “wouldn’t a brisk run just be lovely?” So I sound promising, huh? But you guys know what I mean! It takes so much time, it’s hard to get motivated, makes me all sweaty… I have PLENTY of excuses. But now I also have a VibraSlim. It asks only 10 minutes of me a day. And it’s so easy that I have maintained a daily schedule of using it. (Unheard of for me. Usually I stop exercise programs after a week once the newness of something wears off.)

What I like about the VibraSlim is that I can target all sorts of different body areas: calves, arms, or butt! (I focus on my legs.) I am burning fat while I’m toning myself. Uh, I like that a LOT, too! The machine is basically doing the exercising work for you, giving you way more muscle contractions than you’d get normally. People like to insult it, comparing it to a vibrating belt from the 50’s, but this sort of technology is being used in things like the ShakeWeight right now. It’s not just a vibration that you get with this.

how to boost metabolism naturally

Michael Ventrella of The Biggest Loser has returned home from the TV show and uses his VibraSlim to maintain his amazing weight loss of over 264 lbs.

how to raise metabolism fast

How to raise metabolism fast: THIS.

vibra slim

How to boost metabolism naturally!

Day 1: I did 10 minutes and really felt like I wanted to do more. When I got off the machine my legs were super itchy for the next 3 minutes. But that’s a small price to pay, if that even happens again. People over here all wanted to try this machine and stand on it, pretending they were surfing or snowboarding. I had to go about it more seriously. We realized you can stand in certain ways where you get a nice back massage just from standing on the VibraSlim!

Day 2: I did two increments of 10 minutes. My legs still itched after using the machine. I’ve noticed that my metabolism must be going up, because endorphins kick in when I use this machine. I noticed that to keep my upper body from vibrating so much I just keep my knees bent a little. When I want to focus on feeling my back vibrate (it feels so freaking good!) then I straighten my legs completely.

how to boost metabolism naturallyDay 3: This is the day I stopped being at all cautious or nervous around the machine. I tried different positions to work out my arms. There was no more itching, and I stretched my legs out after using the machine. I did ten minutes standing up, and then about 5 minutes with my arms.

Day 4: Still no more itching, so I think my body just had to get used to that type of movement. Or maybe it was the pants I was wearing at the time. As long as I stick to cotton sweatpants/yoga pants, I’ll be fine. I did ten minutes standing up while placing the Wii. Tennis, if you must know! I didn’t feel like I’d fall off, which is good. It was easy to wheel the machine in place. And it’s great that the VibraSlim is so silent because I could hear my TV very well. That’s not as important with Wii games, but for TV it is! After my first 10 minutes, I did another 10 minutes with my feet up on the platform and my butt on the floor. I was using level 6, but today I went to 8.

Day 5: I overdid it today, and I know that I shouldn’t have. I did 10 minutes and then later I did 20 minutes because I was watching a really stupid judge show on TV and it’s easy to use the machine and get lost in the TV. I’m going to bed with sore upper thighs, but for some reason I feel proud of them.

how to tone body fast for womenDay 6: The soreness in my thighs was gone this morning – yay! Today I did just 10 minutes, standing up. It felt good, and I’ve noticed that my metabolism feels raised and that after I do the VibraSlim I then want to go do chores or work. I’ve also noticed that my legs feel more powerful. Today I used my massager on my neck, and when I took it to my legs they didn’t have any sore spots like they usually do by the end of the day. This really did surprise me. I’ve told my good friend L. that she must come over and try this thing, stat!

Day 7: I feel like my circulation gets a major shakeup. As I hop off the VibraSlim I feel glowy and happy – and not just because of  the bit of sweat! This is changing how I look and how I feel. How cheesy is that? I don’t care!


Day 14: Still using this! I’ve skipped a few days, but I’m not at all jaded by this machine. It’s useful in all sorts of ways:

Vibration Exercise Machine Review in Bullet-Point Style

  1. Weird knee pain from walking in uncomfortable shoes while shopping? I hopped on the VibraSlim, kept my knees loose, and made my muscles shake and loosen. It seriously made my entire body feel … like my muscles were more elastic. If that makes sense. It reduced the knee annoyance. For people with arthritis, I can definitely see why this is something you’d want to use. Now, if only it could fix my carpal tunnel…
  2. Your metabolism WILL be raised if you use this for even 5 minutes. And that’s such a great feeling – it creates endorphins and gives you motivation. You cannot… I mean…it’s priceless. So if you want to know how to raise your metabolism fast naturally, this for sure works. If nothing else happens for you (if you somehow didn’t get toned or lose weight – which I find unlikely) you’d still benefit from a raised metabolism that is gained naturally, fast, and EASILY. It’s like doing a much longer workout. And whether you really don’t have the TIME, or you just don’t want to devote that kind of time… you can use the VibraSlim.
  3. I can watch TV while on this machine, it’s that quiet. But I can also play certain Wii games on it.
  4. There are great programs that will automatically go through different levels of intensity and those are fun to do as a challenge. You’ll move from a 4, 6, 8, 10 and end on a 12. Then back to 4, etc.
  5. It’s easy to move around because it has wheels on the front.
  6. I use this to massage my legs! Hehe. Just a few minutes by putting my calves on the platform gives them a really nice sensation. Mmm, I love it.
  7. People who use the machine for the first time seem to often have some itching. But your body gets used to it in like 2-3 sessions, and then you can do level 16 and not have itching. Just make sure to wear comfortable pants, preferably cotton or any sort of exercise pant.
  8. You can do this without gym shoes on!
  9. There are lots of positions you can use, like going on your tippy toes, or leaning back and crouching down – all to target different problem areas.
  10. This is how to tone your body fast for women or men. It’s just a great product. Very durable, very wonderful, a good vibration machine!

Learn about this vibration exercise machine at My Vibra Slim.


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