How to Make Your Face Look Slimmer: Long Earrings by Allura Marie!

by on Saturday, November 6th, 2010

The Allura Marie Couture Jewelry Boutique was very generous with us, sending four different pairs of earrings to be reviewed. Each piece of jewelry comes in its own gift box.

Simple drop earrings: Night Falls Earrings

The dark black and silver Night Fall Earrings are simple drop earrings that are light as a feather. They’re great when you want a tiny splash of drama. The earrings are made with two faceted black diamond cubic zirconia gems.

The extra long chain earrings that go by the name of Ice Queen Earrings include a light blue Swarvorski crystal and are 3.25″ long. The gunmetal chains are accented by a jet hematite bead. This is a perfect example of earrings to make your face look slimmer. The long shape draws the eye vertically.

Extra long chain earrings: Ice Queen Earrings

Orange quartz earrings: Arancia Earrings

Using orange quartz in a pear-shaped, faceted briolette with sterling silver, these are automatically my favorite earrings of the bunch. These are called the Arancia Earrings.

The final pair was also named Night Fall Earrings but was different than the first! Who wouldn’t fight over this elegant pair of earrings with black crystals and antiqued silver?

I love that all of these earrings have the easy-to-wear fish hook’s, and are made with care. Most of these earrings are long, which are great to wear. (Remember our piece about how wearing long vertical earrings helps make your face look thinner?)

Shop: Allura Marie Couture Jewelry Boutique

Night Falls Earrings

Disclosure: We were sent items to review but not monetarily compensated in any way. Views are our own.

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