Healthy Snack Ideas for Adults: Crispy Green Review & Giveaway

by on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Like many of you, I love the little 100 calorie packs of snacks. But undeniably, we know these are small packs. Well, I recently found some LARGE packages of 100 calorie snacks. They’re by the brand Crispy Green, and they focus on natural, wholesome fruits that have been freeze dried into satisfying crispy snacks. These are whole pieces of fruit and veggies (yes!) not just little slices.

Crispy Green makes freeze-dried snacks that are either completely natural, or have a little bit of sugar. These are healthy snack foods!

Crispy Fruit – 100% freeze-dried fruit with no additives or preservatives in a single-serving bag. Available in the following flavors: Apples, Asian Pears, Bananas, Mangoes and Pineapples.

Crispy Green® Crispy Fruit comes in two different sizes of packaging:

  • Single-serving bag: each bag contains approximately one serving of fruit
  • 6-PACK: each contains 6 single-serving bags

FruitziO – All natural freeze-dried fruit snacks, light, sweet and crunchy, with just a hint of sugar. Available in the following flavors: Apples & Strawberries, Apricots, Peaches and Strawberries. Perfect in 100-calories packs (each contains approx. 2.5 servings of fruit).

I was sent some of both kinds to taste and review for you guys. And the company is so nice they’re letting us run a prize pack giveaway for my personal favorite flavors that I know you guys will also love. And let’s be honest, most of us could really use some more healthy snack options. These have a really nice crunch, it’s very similar to digging into a bag of chips (read: satisfying crunch.) I liked eating these in the morning as an easy, quick breakfast.

The large bags of FruitziO (which, admit it, is fun to say – it almost sounds Italian!) are only 100 calories per bag, and those are the LARGE bags I’m talking about. So, you’re getting minimal calories and even some Vitamin’s! No doubt these are healthy snack ideas for kids, but these are ALSO healthy snack ideas for adults! I found I would dig in the bottom of most bags, getting every little crumb. If that doesn’t indicate a happiness with these, what else could?

My favorites were: Crispy Fruit Crispy Apples, FruitziO Peaches,

Crispy Fruit Crispy Apples Review: One of my favorites, you can’t deny that apples have a great flavor.

Crispy Fruit Crispy Asian Pears Review: I wasn’t sure if these would have much flavor, but they actually had enough. I enjoyed these.

Crispy Fruit Crispy Bananas Review: The texture was a little weird, but if you love the taste of banana’s you’ll probably love these.

Crispy Fruit Crispy Mangos Review: I’m so weird about mangos. I love the taste of mango in certain things (juice mixtures, cocktails) but I don’t like eating actual raw mangos. I gave these a try, but they taste just like an actual mango. If you like mangos, you will definitely like these. But they weren’t for me, sadly. Woe!

Crispy Fruit Crispy Pineapples Review: These look really cool – you can see they are very much actual pineapple pieces. I recommend having a little bit of water on hand becuase the flavor can build up in your mouth – but these were very tasty indeed.

FruitziO Apples and Strawberries Review: My favorite! Mmmm. So amazing.

FruitziO Apricots Review: Another one of my favorites. It has a really subtle sweet flavor.

FruitziO Peaches Review: Tasted just like a peach. It was very cool to examine the consistency of these.

Buy Crispy Green at Amazon, the Crispy Green Online Store or search your zipcode for grocery stores that carry the brand. (I found plenty in Ohio.)

This is one of our picks for Accidental Autumn Happiness! (2010)

Crispy Greens  has offered a very generous giveaway prize for readers based on my favorite picks!

THE GREAT GIVEAWAY PRIZE: Three (3) winners will receive a Crispy Green prize package based on some favorites that were reviewed and tasted.  Readers can pick what flavor of Crispy Fruit they like best to win a 6-Pack of that flavor OR you can elect to have a FruitziO Prize Pack: one 25 g bag of each flavor (Apples & Strawberries, Apricots, Peaches or Strawberries). The prize is offered by Crispy Green.

– Giveaway ends on Sunday October 10, 2012

Do not leave c/p links or they might end up spammed, just tell us if you tweeted, etc. We’ll check to make sure you did if you win.

MANDATORY FIRST ENTRY: For your main entry include your e-mail address written exactly like this: name (at) gmail (dotcom).  You only have to do that for the first entry. Go to the Crispy Green site and fill in the blanks of this sentence copy paste the entire sentence: I would like to eat the ___ (pick a flavor) because healthy snack foods and healthy snack ideas for adults are hard to come by!

EXTRA CREDIT ENTRIES: (You must do the main entry first, post an additional comment for every bonus entry you do! If you’ve already followed us on twitter or subscribed to the newsletter, leave comments for those entries for every new giveaway and you’ll still get points for them! If something is worth 5 points, leave five comments.)

***Specific to this Giveaway, Additional Entry Methods***

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