Good Hair Dryer for Thick Hair: A Helluva Good One!

by on Thursday, April 7th, 2011

So often we forget about the essentials. For instance, why bother using loads of expensive hair products if you haven’t used the right sort of hair dryer? The right kind can do more than just dry your hair, it can even help alleviate problems like frizziness and low-luster. And since I’ve been watching so much TV with people like Billie Piper (Secret Diary of a Call Girl) I have been craving that kind of polished hair.

I was practically blushing at the bounty that Misikko sent for review. They get MAJOR points for style! I received a hair care package that included a Misikko Heat-Proof Pouch (perfect for hair straighteners), HANA Shine Shield Thermal Protectant. And the featured item? A HANAair Professional Hair Dryer.

HanaAIR Professional Hair Dryer Reviews: Misikko only sells the very best products they believe in – and I believe them because they rate everything. This is rated as a customer’s choice – best hair dryer. This is one powerful little puppy! It gives you a blast to get the moisture out of your hair! It makes my hair feel fluffy and full. It has a strong motor, an ergonomic and “gyroscopically balanced” handle so my hand doesn’t get tired. It’s not a burning hot when it’s warm, and you can also use a cool setting. I love those settings. It’s not even very loud. It dries your hair VERY fast and I believe it’s an accurate statement that it “dries over 60% faster than other salon dryers.” That’s important to me because I hate spending a ton of time drying my hair – but it’s such thick hair! Low emissions of EMF’s give you less damage to your hair, and there is ActiveION technology with increased negative ions that keep moisture in your hair. I even let my Mom try it, and she loves it! That’s two thumbs up.

HANA Shine Shield Thermal Protectant: This really brings out the shine in your hair. See, the shine is there, you just have to access it! This doesn’t feel sticky or leave a bunch of gunky, heavy residue. It’s light weight and makes my hair look super, super healthy. It’s like photoshop for your hair!

Misikko Heat-Proof Pouch: It’s helpful to have a place to put your hot straightening iron (and let’s be honest, of course I have one!) This is also a great area to store your iron.

Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo: It doesn’t lather like shampoo’s you’re used to, but it does hydrate your hair, which is nice. I probably wouldn’t seek this shampoo out in a store, though.

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Clarifying Shampoo: If you need a sulfate free shampoo, this works. It doesn’t lather. The smell is pretty bad. Not a winner for my book.

Corioliss Straightening Comb: This is a fine-toothed comb that is nice if you straightened your hair and want to keep everything in place. You can also use it to distribute product evenly onto hair.

Check out the Miskko full list of the best hair dryers reviews.

Disclaimer: As stated, I received items to review. There was no monetary compensation given.

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