Review Spotlight: Gomasio by Eden Foods (Yes, I’ll Explain!)

by on Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Like you, I’ve been exposed to the substance known as SALT for all of my life. But I never really cared about it until a couple years ago when I was eating a fairly inedible piece of dry chicken and I realized I could put salt on it to give it SOME sort of flavor. And I’ve since realized what a huge part salt has in everyone’s diet. Which is why we need healthy salt options. Salt’s on and in so many things. But I’m trying to limit my intake of sodium (read: salt) in my daily diet.  And that’s why I think gomasio is so frickin’ cool. They use it in Japan, and now I use it in my house. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!

Healthy salt options! Go-go-go-gomasio!

Not only does it have a funky, funny name – but it’s kind of a salt substitute.  What IS gomasio? So glad you asked! Here is the description of the Black Gomasio:

A low sodium, almost universal condiment of roasted, whole, highly prized pure black sesame seed and Eden sea salt. The seed oil coats the salt, amplifying it so you experience more flavor eating less salt. Family farm organic black sesame is gently dry roasted and ground with roasted sea salt.

I received some gomasio to review from Eden Foods. I got the Sesame Condiment Sampler #2 which has Organic Black Gomasio, Organic Garlic Gomasio and Eden Shake (Furikake.) For just a little over $10 you get these three large containers of low sodium, healthy condiments.

Three delicious condiments made from healthy ingredients – roasted tan and black sesame seeds, nori sea vegetable flakes, shiso leaf (beefsteak), garlic and sea salt. Organic Garlic Gomasio, Organic Black Gomasio, and Eden Shake (Furikake) are all low to very low sodium (25 to 80 mg per serving). An easy way to reduce sodium in your diet, enjoy the health benefits of sesame, and add extra flavor to salads, pasta, vegetables, cooked grains and soups. Great sprinkled on pizza, toasted bagels drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil, popcorn. Glass bottle packaged with convenient shake/pour cap.

Guess what? I really love the taste of the Garlic Gomasio and the Black Gomasio! It gives that little bit of salty taste, but also has a fun nutty flavor that I actually really enjoy (I was worried I wouldn’t.) And if you use the black gomasio it shows you how much you’re using and you will use less. The sesame seed gives heft and flavor to your seasoning, which lets you use less evil salt!

Because I’m a garlic lover, I especially loved the garlic gomasio. I can really see myself using this on a lot of things – from air popped popcorn to baked potatoes or pastal. So far I used it on a sliced tomato (instead of a salad, sometimes I slice up a huge, ripe tomato and lightly season it) and even on scrambled eggs.

Now, I’m less keen about the Eden Shake, but I’m just not feeling that adventurous. I have a feeling my Dad will really like this, though. It has black and tan gomasio, plus green nori flakes and pickled red shiso (beefsteak.) It definitely seems like an interesting, new condiment for the table. (And it’s the most fun bottle of the three.)

I love that the ingredients are so few, it’s just the sesame seed and the salt (and garlic)! The sweetness of knowing exactly what is going into your body is very rewarding – and that’s what you get with all of these organic products.

Check out the Eden Foods website for all sorts of other HEALTHY, organic food options like Wasabi Chips, Kamut Flakes, Organic mustard, and Whole Grain pasta.

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