Gifts for People who Love Horses (Deux Chevaux Candles Review: Apple and Graze)

by on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Entering the Deux Chevaux website is like really entering a whole new world. There, you connect with nature and animals (specifically – horses) in a creative and upscale way. They offer all sorts of items in their shop, but I received a couple of their scented soy candles. These are both great gift ideas for people who love horses. I’m going to focus on the candles, but I truly believe in this company so much that I’ll share as much as possible about them as a whole, too!

To get you into the right mood, here are two quotes that are on their website that I think are utterly perfect:

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”
— Sir Winston Churchill

“Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it.”
— Anonymous

There are six candle scents: Apple, Graze, Hay Field, Mash, Starlight, Tack

Even though a couple might sound peculiar to you if you aren’t heavily invested in the equestrian lifestyle, a quick read of the descriptions make them all sound appealing. I had a hard time deciding which two to smell up close, and ended up with Apple and Graze. The names are as peaceful as the scents. And the packaging is unique and special! (Always important if you’re gifting these to someone.)

The scents are both strong enough to smell without being overpowering. I got a definite sense of luxury from this brand. Both of the candles I was sent smelled incredibly wonderful and fresh. I mean it. I love them.

Apple Candle: “Picture yourself on a warm autumn day, strolling through an orchard and enjoying the fresh, clean scent of green apples just picked from the tree.”

Graze Candle: “Imagine that it is early morning, and you step outside to inhale the smell of newly cut grass with a hint of dew.”

The Nature of Deux Chevaux Candles

  • All of our scents are pure and natural, yet subtle and intriguing
  • All of our candles are made of soy wax with lead-free wick for longer, cleaner burning
  • Our candles may be enjoyed for more than 60 hours

I feel very excited about this brand, which is a small, sweet one. If you want specialty gifts for people who love horses and the equestrian lifestyle… you’ll find a goldmine here! Although I’ve only ridden horses a few times (I still shout out whenever I see one as I drive on the high way) I still feel very connected to that world and absolutely envy people who get horses in their life every day! (There’s a reason every little girl and boy asks their parents for a pony. … ‘Cause they’re awesome!) And though I can’t easily buy a horse, I can afford a candle or two to keep that natural and wild world close to my heart.

This will give you an idea of what Deux Chevaux is all about:

“While not everyone has the time and/or resources to pursue an interest in horses, we can all enjoy the view of the barns and fields from atop the hill, or be enchanted by a child on her first pony.” – Cara Walinsky, Founder

“Whether you crave the curve of the saddle, the thrill of the chase, or the sophistication of the equestrian lifestyle, Deux Chevaux has the perfect holiday gift to tame that wild heart. For those who love classic style with a twist, we suggest Deux Chevaux’s “Feedbag” ($390). Made from authentic European grain sacks that date from the early 20th century, these bags are an elegant way to carry a little bit of the world on one’s shoulder. For those with a more modern sensibility, a Deux Chevaux wrap bracelet ($180) is an ideal present. Made from top quality leather cording in a variety of colors, with a hand-crafted farrier nail closure available in 14K gold or rhodium, the leather wrap bracelet is an accessory for all time and occasion. For the holiday party hostess, we recommend Deux Chevaux all-natural, scented soy candles ($28). With a choice of six equestrian-inspired scents like Hay Field and Graze, these beautifully packaged candles bring the essence of country life home.” They have great gift ideas for people who love horses.

Website: Deux Chevaux

Disclaimer: Items sent for review.

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