FitDeck Review of Exercise Cards: Yoga Cards, Stretching Cards, Pilates Cards

by on Saturday, January 15th, 2011

FitDeck is a deck of playing cards, and each different deck has a different theme. The cards have visuals and instructions for executing different movements.

I received several different FitDecks to review and look over.

stretching cards

The Stretching Cards!

Fitdeck Review:

FitDeck Stretch: Have you noticed how much cats and other animals stretch? We should all stretch more. Which is a great, simple idea. But do you know what stretches to do, or what a certain move will be stretching? The cards highlight a yellow section to show you what part of your body should be feeling the stretch.
FitDeck Office: Okay, how many people work in an office? I work at a desk so often, and while I do not want to stop my day to full on exercise, doing some of these cards is actually a nice break from working. And it gets my blood pumping/endorphins flowing, etc. I think it helps me work more productively.

yoga cards

The yoga cards!

FitDeck Yoga: Oh, yoga. I wish I was better at it, and these cards are cool because they show you so many poses. Most yoga DVDs I’ve used only cover a few poses and I forget their names. This way I remember them, and can pick my favorites out of the deck to do, or just have variety.

pilates cards

The Pilates Cards

FitDeck Pilates: Pilates gets you moving a bit more than yoga, but it’s still a bunch of really easy movements. Doing just a few cards can make you feel accomplished.
FitDeck Bodyweight: This is the only deck I didn’t personally love, because it’s more about cardio. I am not a fan of push-up’s, oh man, they give me bad gym class flashbacks. It was never fair, guys. Boys have better upper body strength, and I’d feel so embarrassed that my push-up’s were so horrible.

I love that there’s no equipment required. You are able to easily mix up the FitDeck exercise cards, however I’ve been keeping them organized into their plastic holders because I don’t like to mix up doing a yoga pose and then a pilates one. I’d rather work on one “theme” at once. But that’s just my preference.

The cards are sturdy, and those cases are also another pro. I really love that the cards are not overwhelming, and don’t require a big chunk of time. When I go to put on a yoga DVD, then I feel like I have to sit through boring introductions, and have to complete the entire thing. This discourages me to even put it on. With FitDeck, you decide to do just X amount of cards. And instead of trying to watch it on a screen, you get to pick up one palm-sized card to focus on it and then execute it. There’s no way to fall out of pace, because you set your own pace. You also never have to feel discouraged because you get to decide how many reps, and how many cards to do. With DVDs, you always have to follow along, or wait around if you aren’t doing as many.

The cards? Totally easy to read, colorful, and they make exercise feel a bit fun. If you travel a lot, these are especially great since you can carry them with you anywhere.

Do you have a competitive nature at all? Then you will find the suggestions for how to make the games into a card pretty fun. Check out the FitDeck Workouts page for ideas like focusing on cards of one color (they are coded based on what section they work) or doing 3 cards during commercial breaks of a TV show.

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