Review Spotlight: Fabric Rose Headband by Traxa

by on Monday, August 30th, 2010

I received the Rosette Headband in Violet to review, handmade by the Etsy Shop Traxa. This violet rose headband has a rosette flower attached to a metal headband. The rose is made of violet organza, and has the added sparkle of violet and gray beads sewn into the center.

Each headband is carefully handmade. There is felt attached to the back of the rose so that it slips over your hair easily, and each edge of the petals is specially treated so that it won’t gray. I inspected the petals, and they really are sewn quite well, and I don’t suspect there will be much fraying (if at all) over the years. The way the petals are put together, there’s a little bit of poof for each one. The one issue is that I’ll have to try and find a place to store it tilted upwards, because placing it down horizontally will eventually smush down half of the petals.

Because these are handmade and you can pick the color, I might also suggest asking for the rose to be made a smidge smaller. But that entirely depends on your style preference. The diameter is 2.5 inches.

The headband comes carefully bubble wrapped from Lisbon, Portugal!

You can order the headband in many other colors – and I suggest making sure it’s one that will show up against your hair color. This is a sweet, precious headband that makes accessorizing very easy.

You can purchase the Violet Rosette Headband at Traxa and view the entire contents of the shop (including the great handmade headbands) at Traxa. There is also a Traxa Facebook page,

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