Eco-friendly iPad Case – positive review! – Uncommon Goods scores again!

by on Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

There’s nothing ho-hum about the eco-friendly iPad case by XOB Upcycled from Uncommon Goods. Colorful, bright, and fun – you’ll love it!

Icebox Knitting (XOB = pronounced ZOB) also creates cozy hats, pillows, scarves, and accessories that are all upcycled.

I believe because this is a company from the mountains of Colorado they have two priorities distinct to them: making cozy and warm items, and creating colorful and bright items. That is, of course, in addition to their commitment to only creating upcycled (recycled) items. I think it’s great that they look into how they can create items by bits that would otherwise be discarded.

To get a look at their work up close, I was gifted an Ripstop Eco Friendly iPad case from Uncommon Goods. The fabrics used all look very new to me – with nylon on the outside and a soft fleece inside of the pouch. I do believe this will keep my iPad screen from getting scratched, although I’m aware that softer tablet cases are not as secure as hard ones (but that only matters depending on how much serious travel you plan on doing.)

Whether or not you’re interested in an iPad case, I feel wholeheartedly supportive of this company and that any of their products would do you proud. Plus, all of these items come with such a great story. This is a family-owned company, it’s all created in the Rockies of America, and it’s all eco-friendly! People will see these unique items and always inquire about them. And you’ll only be all the willing to brag about who you’re supporting, and why. (I.E. You’re supporting a Colorado family-based company, it’s all sustainable and good for the earth!)

Eco Friendly IPad Case: Xob Upcycled introduces the rip-stop iPad covers exclusively at When you have technology as advanced as an iPad tablet, it’s a bright idea to protect them against scratches. And what could be brighter than these vibrant, rip-stop nylon sleeves! Inside each is a lining of soft fleece, and an amply sized cover flap with a Velcro closure. Crafted of nylon from post domestic manufactures waste and over-stock fabric used in manufacturing tents, hot air Balloons, kites and stuff sacks. Icebox Knitting has been designing and manufacturing hats and accessories in Colorado since 1994. They are passionate about implementing procedures that reduce the impact of the environment and creating products that are sustainably fun. Icebox knitting was named a 2012 Apparel All-Star Award winner. Find it HERE.

XOB Upcycled offer TONS of things, here is a taste to give you an idea:

Accessories (mittens, arm warmers, headbands, pocket scarves)
Home items (stuffed animal sweater monkey, pillows, Christmas stockings, blankets)
Bags (from messenger bags to cell phone cases)
Kids (items range from smaller hats to fun beanies)

Find it all (except the ipad case – that’s only at Uncommon Goods!) at: Icebox Knitting

Uncommon Goods has LOADS of amazing things. You really need to check that website out whenever you want to find a special gift for someone.

Disclaimer: As stated, item sent for review. From Uncommon Goods.

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