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My Dukan Diet reviews continue!

August 11, 2012

Dukan Diet Reviews – Day 3 on Attack

I woke up hungry and a little grouchy. I didn’t eat a lot this day because I was busy shopping and then I exercised a lot. Exercise makes me drink more water, and want to eat less. Which is pretty amazing. When I bike I imagine myself killing my depression, and building up some endorphins to make me happy. I realize that if I’ve been using food for comfort, boredom, happiness… I have to replace food with something else. I’m looking towards the things I like more than food like playing with my cats and giving them quality time, writing, reading, watching movies without snacks, being with friends, and shopping in brick and mortar places. (Even if I’m not buying stuff, I love to look around and get ideas for things. And now that I’m not spending money on going out to eat ever, I can spend that allotment on new earrings or something.)

Today I bought a new bike, it’s a big investment (had to buy a helmet, lock, basket, bell, mirror, water bottle, lights, heh!) and I am so glad I did it. I got a really nice bike that’s comfortable and cute and I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of it. My other bike was older and no where near as comfortable. And so, I named my bike. Are you ready? Chariot!

What else… oh! Shrimp, I can eat shrimp! I didn’t realize this, somehow! I love eating cold shrimp without any sauce, anyway. I will have to remember this.

My Dukan Diet Menu for today:

Savory Dukan Galette with chives (chives have been amazing)

Turkey breast slice, one piece of turkey bacon

Teriyaki Beef (Uh oh, was that flavoring allowed? Crap.)

Dukan Vanilla Custard (Such a luxury! I used my Dukan Diet book, and saw that I had all the ingredients so I made it. I do think I probably needed more splenda in it. And I put in some pumpkin pie spice!)

Biked for one hour, then 20 more minutes. As you can see, I really love my bike.

My Dukan Diet Questions for my Coach:

I use a Soda Stream, which takes a half liter of water, carbonates it, and then adds flavor. My flavors are all diet ones with no sugar. Can I count this as my water?

Are herbs really unlimited? Can I eat an entire leaf of basil on a turkey burger patty?

Can my daily exercise be biking instead of walking?

Can I use gomasio instead of salt? It is a way to have less salt. But it involves roasted sesame seeds.

Can I have Pumpkin Pie Spice?

Why can’t I login to the site without clicking to it from inside my email?

The nonfat Greek yogurt in vanilla has double the carbs (14 rather than 7) than the plain, is it still allowed? Or would it be better to add vanilla extract to plain nonfat yogurt?

Is all the weight I’m losing now mostly water weight, which will come back as soon as I eat vegetables?

August 12, 2012

Dukan Diet Reviews – Day 4! I woke up hungry but not interested in any of the food I had. I made myself eat a few bites of low fat cottage cheese. I did something dumb to that… I mixed in sugar free chocolate syrup, mint leaves, and splenda. Chocolate mint is a great flavor, but apparently not for cottage cheese, oh man! I choked some of that down.

Feeling a little sore from the bike riding, but in a happy “yay, I did it” way. I got up very early, I think because of my good mood.

Today I am going to a relative’s house for the whole day. I will have to bring my own food.

I realized that by Friday I’ll be able to eat a salad with grilled chicken breast – and I got SO excited about this idea. God, if I ever did go out to eat I could order either that or a steamed fresh fish with a side of plain veggies! (I know, it’s weird that I’m excited!)

August 13, 2012

Dukan Diet Reviews – Okay. I have to do some confessing. Yesterday, I was feeling very faint, and the thought of any of the foods I had was quite literally making me feel nauseous. I decided I’d rather eat nothing than eat something that made me want to gag. I was feeling so sick of egg whites and yogurt and turkey bacon. I’d lost five lbs in four days, although I was wondering if any was water weight. I also realized that in exercising so much, my body was using up energy and I needed to be eating more. On the road, I’d taken only a can of tuna and a diet soda. But with the car trip (about an hour both ways) and not having food because it was all turning me off… I started to feel very, very sick. I was faint and dizzy and kept thinking I was going to vomit, even though I had nothing much in my stomach.

And then, everyone ended up going out to eat. Well. I didn’t really eat there, but I was feeling so ill that I broke my diet and got a Naked Juice Mango Protein Shake. Then I ate some apple slices. Later, I had a few bites of a carrot cake. (There was not a lot to pick from, I needed something with a carb.) I could feel I needed food in me, and I could not force myself to eat the raw tuna. The company mixed with the being in the car and all the long exercise I’d been doing…I think the combination is what did me in. I started being so self defeated. I felt like a failure and wanted to cry. (But I was already so emotional from being so hungry and grouchy I was already feeling like I was going to cry.) It’s a weird experience to be hungry but to view all food as an enemy and then reject it all. I kept doing that, and trying to just drink water and make the hunger go away. Even though I’d been eating some food, it wasn’t enough, so my body was talking back to me… or more like… yelling.

And I felt like a failure. Oh God. I felt like a failure to anyone reading this, my friends, my family, even more so to everyone else but myself. Because what does it mean that I effed up my diet and I have low motivation? With that, and work stress, and my clinical anxiety and depression… oh man. I still feel like a failure. I felt so much better after eating some apple slices yesterday that I did the same the next day. And that is not Dukan approved. Also, for the coaching you input your weight, motivation levels, and you have to say if you screwed up on the diet. And if you did, they say that was a wasted day, and you have to add another day to the attack. That’s fair for the diet. But … will I ever eat a vegetable again?

August 14, 2012

Dukan Diet Reviews – Maybe this is the wrong diet for me. I feel thisclose to becoming a vegetarian because I am so sick of all meat. All I want is fruits. I ate a special k granola bar and some more apple slices today, neither are allowed. But I continue drinking lots of water. The thing is, being on the Dukan Diet for only four days kickstarted me to look at what I was eating, when I was eating, and why I was eating. Sometimes because I was stressed, or even bored or because of depression. I was eating not just when I was hungry. And I need to not do that. And after my limited intake, I feel so grateful when I eat just enough now that I’m full and fine. It totally reprogrammed me. Because of Dukan, I’ve looked at all the labels of things now constantly wherever I am to check for sugars and carbs. I still don’t want a lot of carbs, and I really only want natural sugars (no sugar added) in fruit or sugar-free stuff. And having had no carbs, I’ll be grateful just to have a bite of a whole wheat pita.And that’s a far, far cry from having a grilled chicken sandwich with a white bun and eating all the carbs in that. So I’ve totally re-assessed. At this point, today, I am not sure if I’ll start up Dukan again in a few days. I know that it worked, I lost weight. But I can admit that it might not be the right diet plan for me. Any time you want to kick start a diet, or want to lose weight quickly I know that it worked.

I am still exercising every day, much more than 30 minutes. I am still drinking lots of water. I am still not eating as much as I had been a week ago, and I am making so much more thoughtful choices about it. I am avoiding sugar and carbs – everything is in small moderation. And without the Dukan Diet, not only would I have not stopped to look about my exercise/food habits I also would not have kickstarted my weight loss. Eating pure protein and nonfat dairy works. There is a lot of science behind it, and I like this so much more than the Atkins diet (I’ve been on that twice) because you aren’t encouraged to eat fatty foods like normal bacon, mayonaise, red meat, ground beef, cheese! I think that made a huge difference in everything, especially how I felt about my diet. On Atkins a typical meal might have been ground beef with cheese and sour cream over it, like a burrito without the burrito or veggies. But Dukan would never allow that. And I would never feel healthy or good after eating that kind of a meal, anyway. It was always greasy. On Dukan I had turkey bacon (it’s totally just as good as normal bacon), and egg whites with fresh herbs. My problem was keeping it up. You need variety, but if you start dreading the sight of meat entirely like I was.. that’s a problem. Because meat is a staple, and the Dukan Diet is very hard for vegetarians.

August 15, 2012

Rode my bike for an hour. Also swam for 25 minutes.

Ate: Special K granola bar, apple, small plate of chicken lo mein, salad, morning star chik’n patty on bun with mayo, dukan custard. That was not a good dukan diet menu example, no.

Dukan Diet Review Summary

I lost about five lbs in three days on the Dukan Diet, but when I started adding back in vegetables I could see two lbs coming back. It was around this time I decided this diet was not for me.

Here is why I like this diet: The ideas behind this diet are extremely smart. Eating more protein to feel fuller (and have no carbs), and low fat dairy are suggested a lot of places. And once you are in your Cruise Phase, you can eat protein+vegetables which means you can even go out ot eat and order salmon with vegetables or a salad with grilled chicken. It’s very doable. It also makes you grateful for these foods, rather than being so used to expecting a handful of potato chips with lunch.

Here is why I don’t like this diet: The rules keep changing! The theory for why this diet works is great, but Dr. Pierre Dukan keeps refining and changing things. This makes it a tough diet, because you can see there are sometimes different rules based on where you live – allowances he’s made, which woudl still feel like cheating to me. And when people say the diet is too hard, it seems like he’s added in other things… and keeping track of these little minute details is tough. It’s like, so you can have some tinned tomato but only X amount and on X number of days, and then you have to figure out what kind of dish you can put it in. This means that it’s very beneficial to sign up for the Dukan Online Coaching, because then you can ask your coach right away. (In terms of whether I like or disliked the online program, I actually came out in favor of it. More on that later.)

Here is why the diet wasn’t for me: Something about me is that I really like variety. Well, with a diet like this… there is not much variety. You basically will subsist on the few lean meats you like, eggs, and low fat cottage cheese. Herbs, splenda, and other small substitutes to add flavor (like spices) can only go so far. And I’m the kind of person who is obsessed with little tapas plates, trying a ton of different things rather than ordering one big pasta meal where very bite is the same. So I’m already hard-wired to dislike eating all the same stuff all the time. If you also crave variety, this will be a tough diet for you. This diet also didn’t work for me because I got majorly into exercise, and my body was begging for carbs as energy. I made the decision to keep up my ramped up exercise rather than tone it down and stick to Dukan. I’d rather work out more and eat some corn, then work out less and only eat chicken breasts.

The diet also wasn’t great for me because I don’t cook very much, and in fact hate cooking. And you end up having to cook all of your meals and trying to be creative about them. Rather than going out to eat or going to someone’s house, I had to rely on myself. And the shopping was expensive, for sure. I had scallops for one meal, and after eating four large scallops I felt sick of them and they went from being my favorite food to a food that makes me want to dry-heave when I think about!

Since I started, I’ve still lost and kept off about eight lbs. The diet kick started me into examine what I eat, when I eat, and why I eat. And the first couple days on the attack phase really weren’t that bad because at that point, I wasn’t sick of anything. I think I bought too many groceries I didn’t use, and was overly optimistic about how I’d magically just love cooking all of a sudden. (To be fair, the recipe books were a great help because they all require the same kinds of ingredients, so if you have the basics you can make most of anything. But that does require patience, to actually cook or bake.)

I’ve been biking and swimming, both, just about every day. I feel like my legs look more toned, which is a really fun bonus. My BFF said I looked thinner, which I honestly didn’t even believe. But I’m very committed to staying on this path. I’m still drinking more water (sodastream counts!), exercising daily, eating less, and only eating when hungry – stopping when I’m full. That probably sounds so obvious, but you’d be surprised. I realized that I was often eating as a reward/celebration the end of a day (just for getting through it!) and I’d usually want to finish something – whether it was a chicken sandwich, fries, or a bowl of sorbet. Once you’re full it’s better to put the rest away rather than finishing off those ten last fries, or three spoonfuls left. Because that all adds up. I’m still avoiding sugar as much as I can, and being mindful of carbs. Whenever possible, I purchase whole wheat or multi grain stuff, like for pasta. I also use 100 calorie Deli Lights or whole wheat pita bread, rather than white slices of Wonder Bread. I’m also munching on Pirate’s Booty because its’ a healthy snack with a great crunch. (This is something I reviewed before on this shopping blog, and now regularly buy. Ditto for Sodastream flavors and some other things!)

Dukan Diet Blogs 2012 USA 2013

Disclaimer: A Dukan Diet site account, 2 books, and a few food products were delivered to me at no charge to review. My opinions are 100% honest of what I feel, and there was no compensation taken or offered to write these Dukan Diet reviews in any direction.

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