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I’m very aware of different diets, having gone through a few different times with the Atkins Diet. And while the South Beach diet is supposed to be the easier version, there’s also the Dukan Diet. And while it’s a bit stricter than Atkins… it’s also what Kate Middleton and her Mom Carol Middleton used before the infamous royal wedding.

…If it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, it’s certainly good enough for me!

August 5, 2012

The plan was created by Dr. Pierre Dukan from France. It’s a program where carbs are a major no-no, as is fat and sugar. Instead, the focus is on lean protein, and later vegetables. There are four phases to the diet, which is a very smart way to let you start off very intensely and then move along and keep this diet up as you move through life. As someone with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) carbs and sugar have always been an enemy of mine, so this is an ideal diet plan for me.

I did a lot of online surfing on my ipad at night, looking at other’s recounting their experiences and what foods they used. It was really great when I saw people actually blogging about the diet where they took it past 50 days, which is a definite commitment.

….Always an addict for research, I didn’t pass up any chance to google recipes and tips! (Spoiler: There’s nothing like having the official Dukan Recipe books on hand. They’re all there, you can look through them at any time and discover you have the ingredients to make something… then boom, a little variety.)

The diet puts your body in ketosis, and it boasts that you never count calories. But don’t let that let you think it’s easy. It’s important to prepare your shopping list before you begin, so that you have easy access to all the pure protein you need. I was absolutely never going to start this diet before I’d been to the store with a list! “Hungry people don’t lose weight” but finding only high-protein foods to eat for at least a week isn’t super easy. It takes effort.


…Mourn your old foods!

Let’s take a minute to talk about some of my favorite foods that I had to give up: Mushroom Ravioli, Twizzlers (low fat, but still (with sugar!), Triscuits, Red grapes, Whole wheat pita sandwiches, Peanut Butter, Mango sorbet, Pink Lady apple with side of cheddar cheese, Goat cheese and spinach salad with cranberries, Sun Chips, Natural Naked Mango Juice, garlic mashed potatoes, Special K granola bars, baked Brussels sprouts w/ butter, carrot cake cupcakes!

You might say… hey, Jessica, you were already eating some smart choices in picking whole wheat options, fruits, and alternatives to greasy chips! I know. And I am proud of myself for that. But I wanted to try this to kickstart some weight loss. (Spoiler: It did work!)

There are four phases to this diet. I started towards my attack phase with determination but worry about how I’d fare! I wasn’t skeptical, though. I knew it would work as long as I followed the rules.


1 – ATTACK – “During this phase, the diet is made up of 72 high-protein foods enabling quick weight loss.” You must eat 1 ½ tablespoons of oat bran and drink1 ½ liters of water each day. Walk 30 minutes a day (for all phases, I think.) There’s also a motto about always taking the stairs. I like that a lot.

2 – CRUISE – “During this phase, the diet alternates Pure Protein days (PP phases) and Proteins accompanied with 28 recommended Vegetables (PV phases).”

3 – CONSOLIDATION – “This is a phase of 10 days per kg lost which prepares for the return to a balanced diet. Monitored freedom with a target of establishing this freshly conquered and still vulnerable ideal weight. This phase sees the gradual return of pleasurable foods with two festive meals.”

4 – Stabilization – “This phase is based on 3 simple, concrete, easy but non-negotiable measures. This phase is both the easiest and most essential in our slimming method because 95% of people who follow a diet put back on the weight they have lost.”

Source: via TV on Pinterest


I was sent a bag with two official Dukan recipe/info books and some products to aid me (natural stevia, oat bran, cocoa powder.) I was also set up with a Dukan Diet Coaching account.

Using the two recipe books I was sent, I created this list of ways to use my oat bran with easy recipes, as well as allowable, easy desserts to make in the attack phase:

Low Carb Creamy Hot Chocolate
Vanilla Oat Bran Porridge
Meringues à la Dukan
Dukan Floating Islands
Zesty Lemon Dukan Pancakes
H & V’s Perfected Baked Egg Custard
Chocolate and Cinnamon Oat Bran Muffins

I also wrote down some other easy recipe titles like:

Oven Baked Salmon Fillet
Herby Omelet
Baked Dijon Chicken

One of the great things is that I own a Soda Streamer. I just purchased a few new Crystal Light flavors that are sugar free, and help ensure I get all the water I need. I also bought colorful diamond cubes that you freeze and work like ice cubes without watering anything down. This is nice when I use the Coke Zero flavoring! Naturally, water helps you feel full and it also helps flush toxins. Remember this tip: we like COLDER water more, it’s easier to drink. So always have a liter or pitcher of water in the fridge. I LOVE my soda streamer.

Source: via TV on Pinterest


August 8, 2012


I bought three fresh herbs that I am excited to use: basil, chives, mint. I can add these to everything, hopefully. I already have fresh rosemary.

Here’s an idea of what I bought – Dukan Diet Attack Phase Shopping (I checked carbs/sugars on everything)

Frozen turkey sausage
Turkey bacon
Organic dijon mustard w/no sugar
2 VATS of chobani Greek Yogurt in Plain and Vanilla (Vanilla has more sugars)
Hersey Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup
Tinned, organic tomato paste (1 tablespoon allowed a day)
Herbs (see above)
2 lemons
Low sodium turkey breast deli meat
Lean black forest ham deli meat
Fresh sea scallops
Frozen, real crab legs
Ground turkey
3 frozen, skinless, boneless chicken breasts
Chicken sausage
Diet soda
Low fat cottage cheese
Egg Beaters
Sugar free jell-o
Skim milk

I was sad that at my grocery store I couldn’t find shiraki noodles or goji berries. Shirtaki noodle reviews on amazon make it seem like it wouldn’t be very tasty without a sauce…and no sauces are really allowed.I am not sure what a miracle these carbless gelatinous noodles really are.

I already had: oat bran, italian dressing, stevia and splenda, lemon juice, spices, vanilla extract, sugar free gum, diet soda

Source: via TV on Pinterest


Keeping a record of it online does help, makes me feel very accountable. There’s a great feeling of accountability when you use online resources and connect with other people (for instance, I admitted my diet plan on Twitter, which makes me even more likely to stick with it) because you might have people ask you how it’s going at any time. I’ve used the hashtag #dukan and #dukandiet and had a couple new Twitter people reply to me, telling me of their success with the diet. And listen, these do not seem like bots. They were just honest women. One even pointed out that she thought it was expensive.

The shopping was fairly expensive, yes. (The crab legs were a big luxury But I’ve steamed them for myself once before and I know I can enjoy these without butter.) But I also realize that I am going to not be going out to eat like, well, at all, anymore – not for a long time. So it may balance out. And I am going to have to accept not going out, even though that’s something I usually do quite a bit. I had my last “normal food” day, but realized I should not call it a normal food day. That was just a “before” type of food day. There is no normal, only what works for me. Anyway, this day included cantaloupe, a Lean Cuisine pasta frozen dinner at lunch, and some thin crust white pizza for dinner.


I’ve thought about the lack of fruit on this diet. Fruit is healthy, but it does have so many natural sugars. So it’s not something you have on Dukan. But I have a shortcut! See, Soda Stream offers a diet Orange and a diet Cranberry Raspberry flavor, alongside their new Crystal Light fruit flavors. (All have 0 calories, no sugar.) So I think this is what I will rely on when I’m craving fruit.

I have my pinterest board titled “diet success is possible.” I only just joined pinterest, but I’m familiar with it and do love it. I like to pin motivation quotes and positive affirmations to my diet board. These mantras help me. I also have a “positive inspiration is necessary” pinterest board, a “rings I recommend” board, a “design inspiration” board, a “shoes I dream about” board…. heh. A few! See them all here: – Follow me or one of my boards, I’ll follow you back!

Ironically, watched “Eat, Pray, Love” for the first time last night. Julia Roberts is an American treasure and there were a lot of good moments in this movie… but holy hell, first world problems! A lot of the time Julia’s character was a bit unlikeable. I also had to realize that I am not going to be doing any major eating anytime soon, and that message was contradictory to what I’m doing. I’ll stick to the praying and loving. My final thought on this movie: James Franco is super, super hot.

August 9, 2012

In joining the Dukan Diet website for coaching, I think one of the best things is that they have you fill out a questionaire. Each answer has a per-determined block of text to aid you personally, and that’s nice. But what it did for me was face weight and health issues straight on, owning up to bad habits. After all, who was I helping if I cheated or lied on my questionnaire? It’s confidential, so I pushed myself to answer everything honestly. And this made me paint a realistic portrait of where I was and where I wanted to be. (And did I feel a slight blush sometimes? Yes. Did I want to admit certain things? No. But I’m motivated.)

While a lot of the feedback was pretty robotic and you can figure out on your own, you really never get it delivered to you all in one fell swoop. It was really like having a doctor in the room with me, responding to each major issue they’d bring up (childhood, eating habits, exercise habits, when I eat, where I eat, etc.) So despite the less-than-personal element of the bottled responses (you can’t fool me, robots!), I actually appreciated them. They were helpful and aimed directly at the issues I needed info on.

There’s a lot of psychology in this diet. I like that, because I’ve taken a lot of psych classes in my time! (Great, now do I sound super old? Wait, do you think nearly 30 IS super old? Wait, pretend I didn’t ask!) They talk about birth order, and what it means to be born as the eldest (or only), middle, youngest. Eating is about so many different things, emotions, habits, blah blah. I like that the Dukan Diet discusses all these factors.


So far, most of the e-mails I’ve gotten from the coaching session have been promoting the book and the items they sell. (Which I do get 10% off, if I decide to buy from – as does anyone with a coaching account.) I opted out of those product e-mails because they were annoying.


Today is my first morning on ATTACK! I don’t normally cook a big breakfast, but I woke up hungry and decided to jump right in to something easy. Of course, for a girl who doesn’t cook, scrambled eggs aren’t entirely easy! Though I’ve bought some Egg Beaters so my cholesterol doesn’t get high on the diet, I started this diet out with 3 real eggs. I think it was important that I added in the lean ham and the chives, it made it seem like a deluxe breakfast – the chives gave it important color. (Spoiler: Chives ended up being one of the best things I used in attack.)

Dukan Diet Menu 2012

Dukan Diet Breakfast on Attack

3 eggs, scrambled with water, chives and 2 lean black forest ham deli slices mixed in, salt used sparingly
half liter of Diet Cranberry Raspberry Soda Stream Drink (not drunk all at one time)

Dukan Diet Lunch on Attack

1 Chicken sausage (removed casing) & 2 tablespoons low fat cottage cheese
half liter of Coke Zero

Dukan Diet Dinner on Attack

Scallops with basil and lemon juice, pinch of salt/pepper (cooked in a bit of olive oil – you are allowed like a half teaspoon a day)
Coke Zero

Dukan Diet Snack on Attack

Oatbran, skim milk, splenda, sugar free choc syrup, greek vanilla yogurt
Coke Zero


Learned: the vanilla greek yogurt has more sugar/carbs than the plain. And I bought so much of it, ugh!

The oatbran sold by the official Dukan Diet doesn’t have a tab to close it! You’ll need to transfer it to a tupperware container or something.

I did not really get my exercise all in. By the end of the day I felt low energy so I realized I will need to make my exercise happen early on to ensure I do it. (Update: I’ve learned that once I committed to getting at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, I could do it at any time of the day because I would always be wanting to do it, and it was a habit that I didn’t want to break. I think what was important is that I picked an exercise I loved – bike riding.)



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Disclaimer: A Dukan Diet site account, 2 books, and a few food products were delivered to me at no charge to review. My opinions are 100% honest of what I feel, and there was no compensation taken or offered to write these Dukan Diet reviews in any direction.

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