Divvies Review: Dairy Free Cupcakes Delivery, Anyone? Vegan Cookies, Vegan Popcorn…

by on Monday, August 1st, 2011

I want to talk to you guys about a company called Divvies. This is the place to bookmark if you need dairy free, nut free, egg free cupcakes, cookies, popcorn and even gluten free candy. Not only do they offer it, they’ll deliver it. Not only will it be delivered, it’s got the cutest, functional backpacking ever! And not only does it arrive beautifully, it’s the taste that will assure that you love Divvies. And because I know how tough it can be to find the right dairy free/egg free/ nut free items I want to assure you that my opinions listed here are 100% honest. (I liked everything I tried except for the sour star gummies.)

Divvies Cupcake Review: I reviewed a dozen of their chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. It comes in a box that transforms into a easy carrying case for the frosted cupcakes. The cupcakes come ready, but with the frosting in a re-sealable container that you apply yourself. There’s also sprinkles. I liked the super moist chocolate cupcakes, and the rich chocolate frosting. However, together I think it’s too chocolatley, and would recommend you make one of your options vanilla. need a egg free dairy free nut free cupcake? Then you won’t find anything better than what Divvies can offer.

I also got the sample some other items! *Raises hands and waves them around, because I’m clearly on a sugar high! But yes, I DID share my goodies with friends and family. (Even some neighbors!)

Divvine chocolate BingGo bar and the Peppermint & chocolate BingGo bar: I put these in the freezer and they were very good. The latter one has a great ratio of peppermint to chocolate. These bars are cute because they have a “break” line that allows you to share 1/3 of your bar with someone else. The tongue-in-cheek style of “yours” and “mine” are all part of the cheeky attitude of this company. (The frosting for the cupcake is also fun and cheeky, talking about how you should slather the frosting on with a spatula and then lick it, or something like that. I love that the company isn’t taking itself too carefully. Every little thing has had thought put into it, and it makes every product feel extra special.)

Super stars gummy candies: The word “sour” isn’t included in the description for this gluten free candy, but it should be there. Much like a Sour Patch Kids candy, these gummis are sour. Since I don’t like sour treats, these weren’t for me.  I think that even for sour candy, these are probably a little too sour.

Divvies Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and Choco-Lot Brownie Cookies: These vegan cookies are perfectly packaged for individual servings, so they’ll never get stale.There’s two cookies to a pack, yum. Your kid can take this to school and share. I didn’t eat the raisin cookies, but I had someone who likes oatmeal raising cookies taste them and they were met with approval. I dug into the brownie cookies. They are moist and kind of a heavy cookie, so I would suggest pairing these with milk. Very sweet and definietly delicious.


Divvies Kettlecorn Popcorn: I don’t even like kettlecorn THAT much, but I LOVED this Divvies popcorn. Sugar and salt have never tasted quite so perfect for me. When I opened up this cute bag (it has a seal on it!) everyone was grabbing handfuls because it was so addictively tasty. If I were to order only one thing from Divvies, it would be their kettlecorn popcorn.

Divvies Cookbook Review: “Lori Sandler, the Mom behind Divvies is treating the world to her kid-tested secrets, recipes and tips for making sweets without milk, eggs, and nuts (some are gluten-free, too!), just delicious; and making eating a shared, fun experience.” While I don’t personally have to eat dairy/egg/nut free, the idea of being presented with that challenge at any time is very intimidating. And honestly, I feel bad for people (especially parents and kids) who have these restrictions. That’s why I’m so glad that Lori Sandler has made this cookbook. And here’s the thing, she is not pressing her Divvies products into the cookbook (i.e. “buy some of X to use in this recipe”) she’s honestly just written a very easy, simple to follow recipe book that allows you to create lots of goodies without nuts, dairy or egg. The book is a great size, has lots of recipes, and is very easy to follow (even the font is nice and easy to read without squinting.)

My opinion is that Lori Sandler isn’t just someone who wants to help people with allergies and restrictions. I think she genuinley loves baking, and she’s found a way to make it accessible for everyone. Whether you have dietary restrictions or not, you can enjoy Divvies just as much as goodies that do have dairy/nuts/eggs.

My favorites of the bunch were the kettlecorn popcorn and the cupcakes. But which one will you love? I have a Divvies giveaway coming atcha! Win a Divvies Tasty Treat Box from ShesSmart – Enter today! http://tinyurl.com/3uddgdd

Check out: www.Divvies.com

Disclaimer: I was sent products to review.

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