Delicious Different Brownie Types Reviewed

by on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

If you crave brownie variety, I just found your heaven. Gourmet Gift Baskets sent along their Brownies Sampler Bakery Gift for me to review and give an honest opinion about for you guys. And…oh my goodness. Seriously? I really, really was impressed.

Aside from me passing along this knowledge, you’re probably interested in the BROWNIE GIVEAWAY that is running right now. Go enter!

These are moist, fudgy brownies. With the large assortment, my favorite was definitely the unusual, sweet ones: white chocolate macademia nut, butterscotch (perfect consistency, I must say), cheesecake. (Cheesecake pairs excellently with chocolate, duh!)

The pictures are perfect for showing you exactly how they arrive. Moist in the middle, delicious, crackly layer on top. You’ll smack your lips. Even better, each of these brownie types is packaged in its own little plastic unit. Which means you can so, so easily take one to work or for a school lunch. Heck, if you’re feeling selfless go share one with someone else. And you’ll feel very generous, because these brownies are huge! They’re larger than you’d think to cut for yourself, but not so big that you’d feel sick for eating it all. I really can’t stop being positive about these.

Brownies are typically not bad, I know. They’re chocolate treats after all. Brownies are usually either good or great, but these were awesome.

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