Right on the Walls Decal Review & a Decal Discount Code

by on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Read on to hear my experience with Right on the Walls decals, and score yourself a free Right on the Walls discount code to buy your own awesome decal(s)!

rose decals

I was very excited to look through all of the decals that Right on the Walls had to offer. I almost went with a cute branch/bird scene (Branch w/ Heart Birdhouse), but then I saw these graphic rose blooms )”Roses”) and decided these would be great to use all over my deplorably ugly closet doors. Rather than go for a deep contrast in color, I wanted something subtle, almost like it was coming out of the woodwork. I looked at the websites variety of colors and found some lighter colors which would work.

The decals arrived packaged wonderfully, including the little tool that is useful in making sure the decal is fully smooth on the wall (or closet doors!) and is important to save as it will help you in the future if you ever need to remove the decal.

As I mentioned, I picked some flower decals for wall areas, that I then used on my closet.

Applying them was easy. Since I wanted to arrange them in random orders, I cut each decal apart, then decided where I wanted them by taping the decals up temporarily and arranging them. Then I followed the directions to apply. Simple! (Smaller decals are much easier to apply, this much is very true.)

It took me maybe almost two hours from start to finish – but factor in the reality that I wasn’t applying just one decal, I was applying several which I individually cut and then arranged with temporary tape.

flower decals for wall

You might be surprised that there is a little bit of work with these when it comes time to peel these off of both sides of the temporary paper. The problem most people have is that the edges of smaller sections won’t come along for the ride. What you have to do is bend the backing as you go – going slowly! If a piece isn’t sticking, roll forward again and do a press-and-roll-down motion to ensure everything sticks as it should. If you mess up, you can always salvage things easily though. For instant, one of my small white rose decals got stuck to the wrong place, so I had to then eyeball a few little rose petal pieces. But it’s okay because I wasn’t going for a “perfect” look where every rose was at the same angle.

rose decals for wallsI had ordered three sheets with three different colors. I ended up only using two of the colors because the beige did not look right.

Decal Color Maize – This is much more yellow than it appeared on the website. I think I was tricked by my mind by seeing a small yellow spot. When there’s more of that yellow, it looks more yellow all over. In other words, this is a soft yellow – not more of an off white. I really loved the yellow.

Decal Color White – Totally white and perfect.

Decal Color Beige – I really would have benefited by first ordering a sample of the decal color. If you are buying these, I would say it doesn’t hurt to order a small sample first (they have them available.) In the official Roses image, those white roses are actually BEIGE (they are listed as beige) so I thought I’d be getting a lighter beige than I got, is all. But it’s just because colors are influenced by what wall color they’re on and around. I ended up using a couple of the beige roses because I needed more.

I know many people are looking for decals for teenage girls. Here’s one I love, as I almost got this one since I love the idea of bringing more nature around me in any way, especially as a white winter approaches:

decals for teenage girls

Branch w/ Heart Birdhouse

Need decals for dorm rooms? You’ll want nice pops of COLOR, since the walls are usually dirty white/beige/bleh! (Note: I also think nice twin headboard decals would be soooo great for college dorms!)

decals for dorm rooms

Blossoming Branch

Want wall decals for bathrooms? I love these!

wall decals for bathrooms

School Of Fish

Disclosure: An item was sent for review purposes, there was no monetary compensation.

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