Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Couples with Lake Champlain Chocolate AND Marich Chocolate Cherries!

by on Monday, December 12th, 2011

Looking for the perfect gift basket for you and your significant other to cozy up with while you relax? I have a suggestion that I do believe you’ll find works pretty perfectly. I’ll get into what I loved most, and even the one item that I wasn’t a fan of.

So, let’s begin! I had the chance to review the Christmas Gift Basket Classic™ from Gourmet Gift Baskets. It retails for $59.99.

General Impression

People love gift baskets, and this one is no exception because it’s sent in a very nice basket with festive decoration (including a fake red poinsettia flower to top it all off. I let Smart Kitty play with it for hours.) Everything is always stacked up so great that this is always an impressive gift to give.

By far the best part of this basket is the Marich chocolate covered cherries. NOM NOM NOM. Delicious. No lying. I’m going to buy some off of Amazon today to include in Christmas presents, I think. I really wish that Gourmet Gift Baskets would do an entire basket devoted to the different Marich products! And then I also wish they’d send me that basket to review. 😛

One of my other favorite parts of the basket was the Chocolate bar by Lake Champlain because I love this company and they make dark chocolate that I find completely edible. And since dark chocolate is better for you than other kinds of chocolate, this is a real treat.

There was only one thing that I hated in the basket, which is the raspberry honey mustard dipping sauce.

The entire basket provides a nice, well-rounded mix of treats that I suggest sharing with your significant other while you watch some classic Christmas movies. The entire thing adds up to a unique type of dinner. It would also be nice to have waiting at home for you after you go out and party on New Years Eve.

The reason I suggest this more for couples than families is that this basket does have some items with nuts (peanuts and pecans) and it just seems more like something I’d share with a boyfriend than my family. That said, the chocolate cookies and crunchy popcorn would probably please just about any palate.

Tip: If you have a cat, they love the ribbons that come with this basket (just please make sure you watch your cat/s so they don’t try to  swallow any of the ribbon.) But your Mom will probably tell you to save the beautiful ribbon bundle and re-use it for someone else’s gift. And this is when you start telling your Mom, ever so casually, to watch the show “Hoarders”… Cough. 😛

My In-Depth Review

Almond Pecan-dy Crunch by Morley Candy Makers – I’m a major, major fan of this stuff. I’m not a huge lover of pecans, but I still loved this. The caramel over the popcorn gives you a really sweet/salty taste and crunch. It comes in a large container, too.
Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies by J&M Foods –  – Because these area crunchy, hard cookie I found they are best devoured with a large mug of milk (I prefer skim but do what you have to do!) Dunk them in, let them literally absorb the milk in their delicious little cookie crevices and then munch. They’re tiny cookies making them perfect bite sizes.
Dipping Pretzels by East Shore Specialty Foods – Unsalted pretzels aren’t really all that interesting, but it’s nice to have them around in this size and sans salt for use in dips.
Robert Rothschild Farm Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip – Because I have to be honest with you guys, I personally hated this dip. Something about the combination of honey mustard with raspberry didn’t work for me. I suspect that Robert Rothschild Farm makes other dips, and would suggest a different dip be included if possible. … Just something with more mass appeal? Or maybe the masses really do like this dip and I’m in the other end of the pond.
Salted Peanuts in Box by Feridie’s – You can’t go wrong with peanuts, especially not when they’re so fancily packaged. The package it yellow and white and it’s just really pretty.

Signature Dark Chocolate Bar by Lake Champlain – Okay, Lake Champlain is another company that I’m a major champion of. And because they do things so well, they actually produce dark chocolate that I find enjoyable and melty and creamy to eat. (Most dark chocolate I shy away from.) SO CREAMY.  Related: lake champlain chocolates reviews
Buttered Peanut Crunch by Old Dominion Peanut Company – Someone stole this from me before I could taste it, which I believe is a good sign. There was none left for me to taste. Ha!
Metropolitan Trail Mix by – This is nice, although I could see improvement done to this with maybe a slightly larger bag. The contents of the bag were good, though. And it’s nice to have something that seems healthy in the mix!
Parmesan Artichoke & Garlic Cheese Biscuits by Salem Baking Company – Not my most favorite biscuits ever, but also not horrible. They’re kind of hard on the outside and more crumbly/soft inside. They’re also very small. The packaging keeps them super fresh. I tasted more of the garlic and the cheese than the artichoke.
Chocolate Covered Cherries by Marich –  These are heavenly. You’ll love them. You’ll want boxes of them delivered to your door for Christmas morning. Whatever they’ve done, Marich has fond the perfect compliment of cherry to chocolate (and type of cherry and type of chocolate) ratio. And on behalf of Gourmet Gift Baskets I will mention that they do include several Marich products, along with Lake Champlain products. So they aren’t shy about including some of the best stuff. Related: marich chocolate reviews

Remember it’s who you’re with, not what you have or where you are. XO!

Disclaimer: This basket was sent to be reviewed, but all opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any way.

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