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by on Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Flojos makes fun sandals and flip flops that are chic, casual, and easy to decide to wear during the summer. I had a chance to review the “Samantha” pair from the Shoreline Casuals collection. Flojos means “kick back” in Spanish, and I think this particular pair doesn’t exemplify their mission statement. However, I do see other flip flops on their site that I think would.

The Samantha’s are one of the more fashionable sandals on the website. That’s what I was drawn to. This would be a good sandal for someone, in appearance, that doesn’t love to dress up but sometimes has to wear something nicer than a basic flip flop. My main issue with the sandal is the bottom – and granted, that’s an important aspect. It doesn’t really have enough cushion, and it’s kind of hard. The website describes there being a slight wedge, but I don’t think there is enough to qualify as a wedge. As you might suggest, this is a very flat footed sandal that doesn’t give any cushion or arch support. I love the design, though.

This is a particular Flojos that I would not recommend to you guys. But the company on the whole is worth checking out. I appreciate the quality leather, but would rather have comfort.

Check out other casual sandals at the Flojos Shop online: HERE

The Samantha $36.00

The Madison $28.00

casual sandals 2011Fiesta $20.00

casual sandalsGwen $24.00

Disclaimer: I was provided with an item to review, there was no monetary compensation given for a good review.

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