Why Adopt a Rescue Dog or Cat? One Shining, Solid Reason

by on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

It can often feel like what you do doesn’t really matter because you’re so small and inconsequential to the greater scheme of things. But you forget how much impact you can make on just one person or pet. So why adopt a rescue dog or cat? Because: “Saving just one dog won’t change the world, but surely the world will change for that one dog (or cat).” (Quote attributed to the back of an animal shelter card.)

What do you think of that? The reason to adopt a pet is because you can change the world of that pet. (And that pet will change your world in turn, they’re sweet like that.) Changing the world is a huge deal. It doesn’t matter how big or small that world is.

Wouldn’t you hope that someone would adopt you and save your life? If you are able to do it, why not? The benefits of living with an animal are enormous and affect both physical health and mental health.

I am a big believer in adopting animals from shelters and supporting the shelters. You don’t have to have a million reasons to adopt a pet, you just have to have one good reason. Buying from breeders and puppy mills (and oftentimes pet stores – unless they are working with a shelter) is doing a disservice to the animal community most times.

I recently went to PetFinder.com to find the latest addition to our brood – a ShopKitty for ShopCat and ShopDog. I found a great shelter and adopted a 6 month old kitten, who is gray like ShopCat. As I type this, she is running back and forth, presumably hunting some dust motes. (And let’s be honest, there is some dust here. I’m new an expert cleaner.) My experience at this shelter was profound, and someday I might try to describe what it was like there. For now, I just want to tell you guys that we’ve got a new addition, and that to rescue a cat or dog is the most humbling and enriching experience you can find.

Hear our humble prayer, O God,
for our friends the animals,
especially for animals who are suffering;
for any that are hunted or lost or deserted
or frightened or hungry;
for all that must be put to death.
We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity,
and for those who deal with them we ask a heart of
compassion and gentle hands and kindly words.
Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals
and so to share the blessings of the merciful.
– Albert Schweitzer

Picture Source: Ian Somerhalder’s Twitter

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