Smart Cat Facts to Utilize as a Saavy Cat Owner

by on Sunday, December 13th, 2009

shopcat grooms

I’m not just someone who “owns” a cat (no one can “own” a cat but that’s another discussion), I’m someone who loves animals (especially cats). Because of this, I’m never content to just do the basics. I like to do research like the nerd I am. I get excited about new ways to engage Shopcat (again, I’m a nerd). And when I saw this cool comic from The Oatmeal about cat facts, I was inspired to write this post.

shopcat captivated

Amazing Hearing

I’d always assumed that dogs could hear better than cats, because that’s what people always say. But my research says that cats hear better because their inner-ears are more evolved than a dogs.  Cats can actually hear higher frequencies than a dog can. When Shopcat pretends not to hear me, she’s just ignoring me! A cats’ hearing stops at 65 kilohertz and a humans’ stops at 20. I may not know much about kilohertz’s, but the numbers give me a pretty good idea about the sensitivity of a cats ears vs. mine.

cat laser

No Night Goggles Needed

You might have already known this, but cats see really well in the dark. Shopcat doesn’t mind when I turn lights off – she actually prefers it. A cats eye has another layer of reflecting cells to absorb light so they can see about 6 times better than us. Cat’s would be the perfect burglars. You can dim the lights, and your cat can still navigate the room easily. And cats love to chase beams of light! (Pictured: FroliCat BOLT Automatic Laser Toy for Cats)

Color Blind-ish

Cats can see blue and green, but most studies say they cannot see red. This is why I try to make all of Shopcat’s toys and blankets blue and green when I can.

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Domestic cats run at about 30 mph. I cannot run that fast. The only wa to catch Shopcat is to trick her – I can never chase her and win.

Cat’s Let You Read Their Minds

A cat tail that starts twitching means the cat is aggravated. If a cat rolls on its stomach, that means he/she trusts you to that vulnerable spot. When Shopcat starts twitching her tail, I know she’s feeling frisky and wants to play – and I better watch out or I’ll get bitten.

Cat’s Hate Your Boyfriend

Because cat’s respond to high frequencies better, they respond to women’s voices better!

shopcat pony

Adapting to your Schedule

There is a term ‘crepuscular’ which means animals that are busiest during twilight. Does your cat seem to be most engaged in the morning and evening? They’re likely doing that because that’s when you’re around to entertain them. Shopcat likes to snooze all day and be all crepuscular. Other animals that do this are owls, red pandas and deer. Probably vampires, too.

On the Hunt

Cat’s love to play – shopcat does for sure. They play in a way that is how they hunt. Because of that, cat toys are often like what their prey would be – tiny fuzzy mice and such. Something interesting is that cats lose interest with toys they’ve played with a lot. People tell me not to buy Shopcat new toys, but the truth is (and I instinctively KNEW this) she wants NEW things to be interested by. She’s ‘killed’ the old toys!

Kneading out of Love

Kittens knead their mother’s to get them ready to produce milk. When a cat is on you and starts kneading their paws on you repeatedly, it means they are pleased. When I am laying down with a blanket on me, Shopcat comes on me and kneads me for a long period of time before settling down. Cats pretend you are their mother, how cute is THAT?

shopcat pony 2

Weird Affection

When your cat rubs their head/body against you and  licks you as their mother licked them that means you are totally ‘in’ with this cat! They want you to smell like them.

Ankle Biters are Playing

When I go up the stairs Shopcat OFTEN runs up and attacks my ankles and lower legs. It HURTS. What I’ve learned is that she’s just playing. It’s like she’s trying to play with another cat in a fake battle. But I try to stop her, because for this fake battle I seem to need real armour!’

Whisker Etiquette

Shopcat moves her food from her food bowl onto the floor. Why? Because whiskers interview and they don’t like them being brushed. They like shallow bowls.

best cat bowls(Pictured: Smartcat Elevated Shallow Food Dish 3 oz Wet Food Bowl Blue or NaturalSassy II 5.5″ Shallow Dot Bowl, Sweet Stripes 6.25″ Bowl – Pawprint shallow, Diva Time Bowl – Shallow – Spoiled)


It’s protection, saying ‘back off!’

Declawing a cat is Horrible

It’s like chopping off your fingers to the first knuckle. There are so many alternatives! I trim Shopcats claws! Many countries do not let you declaw, by law. I’m told that America is the only country that does this often.

shopcat sleeps

Insurance People Should love Cat-Owners

The studies all over confirm that petting a cat can lower blood pressure – in fact, people who own a cat tend to live longer with less stress, and have fewer heart attacks. Is it magic, who knows?

Things I love about Shopcat

– She follows me around to “monitor” me, and she tries to be very nonchalant about it.

– She makes a little happy yelp when she jumps down from my desk.

– She tries to train ME, by luring me over to her food bowl!

– She  is sassy and demands respect.

I vow to…

– Talk to her more. Cats like the security of your voice. Hey, people talk to plants, so you can’t call me crazy!

– Ask for a “Kindle” for Christmas. But I won’t mean the Amazon Kindle. A group of kittens is called a kindle!

tall cat tree

– Make better ‘high’ places for Shopcat to be because cats love high places. (Pictured: Molly and Friends “Sequoia” Extra-Large 7-Foot-Tall Premium Handmade Cat Furniture with Sisal, Beige)

– Pet Shopcat slower, and also behind her ears. “To your cat, petting feels a lot like licking. When you pet your cat slowly and gently, she knows you are taking good care of her. You are showing that you love her!” & “[Ears are] a sensitive area that can’t be easily reached. Cats can’t lick themselves behind the ears, however they do clean themselves with their front paws.” – Breeders Choice

– Not be confused when Shopcat zooms around like a wild cat. “A cat has a lot of energy to use up. Nature gave cats energy to use in the wild to chase other animals. She may not need to run like that now, but she may be having fun pretending that she is wild.” – Breeders Choice

She shops smart – she’s you!


Jessica Rae

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