Amusing Picture: Shopcat is Taking Over Shopdog’s Bed!

by on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

This is clearly not her small cat bed!

Remember how I got two Kakadu pet beds? One for Shopcat, and one for Shopdog? Well. As much as I see Shopcat in her own, smaller bed, I also see her quite frequently in the larger one for Shopdog! It’s hysterical, but also makes me feel bad when Shopdog walks over and it’s clear she can’t use her bed. (The cat has claimed the domain! She is the boss, despite being much smaller!)


  1. The guilty, half-hidden face of ze Shopcat. She seems to be saying “DID I DO THAT?” in an Urkel voice.
  2. The pet hair, because I should have gotten the brown colored bed, but I am an idiot even when I obsess over a decision for hours.
  3. My DVD copy of Chasing Liberty, Glee season 1, White Collar season 1, Modern Family season 1 and a ton of NBC Screeners for shows like Undercovers and The Event.
  4. Shopcat’s cute wittle baby white bunny feet. Awwwomg SMOOSH.
  5. The way my cat is stretching out as far as possible to appear larger, as though she belongs in this bed, and to ward off Shopdog from joining her.

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