REVIEW & DISCOUNT: Unique Pet Beds from SMUCCI are Smartly Stylish

by on Monday, March 15th, 2010


Shopcat got an amazing present yesterday – and it came in a big box (which she also loves – what cat isn’t wild about boxes?)! It was a handmade, custom pet bed from Smucci. Smucci is a business that began simply out of the love of pets and being creative. Debi D. Kahn creates these handmade beds, getting inspiration from the nature around her (the above picture shows the lake that’s outside of her home).

Smucci Feather Bed

Smucci Feather Bed

Her son, Jamie, works close with her on the technological side of the business. Of herself and her son she writes on her site, “We both share an immense sensitivity towards animals. Almost all of them have been rescued from imminent danger and/or certain death and the appreciative look in their eyes conveys all. We have always had an undying desire to treat our pets with the most joyous comforts since they have always given our family such a sense of love, liberty, and happiness. My son Jamie has Autism, and his desire to love animals for their comfort has always been a main stream in his life. As many people know with some cases of Autism, pets are very well known for their ability to help those with this condition. It seemed only natural for myself to create a sense of true love and passion then in return for our animals.”

Let’s just pause right there for a tiny second. Could we love this family any more!? Both shopcat and shopdog were rescue dogs, and shopdog was actually a dog I used for Animal Assisted Therapy at one point. I believe POWERFULLY in the ability for animals to help anyone, no matter their pain. It really only makes sense that you’d want to care for your pets the same way they care for you. ((If you haven’t already, read my review of the animal therapy book “Making Rounds with Oscar“))

Smucci Manger Bed

Smucci Manger Bed

Shopcat was sent the manger bed, because I knew that was the bed for her. Debi even said in an e-mail to me, “The manger bed is really great. I designed it with smaller dogs (15 lbs and under) in mind. I keep several beds in my living room and my 2 Papillons jump in together while my cats sleep in the other. What is so great about the bed, apart from it’s design authenticity & beautifully realistic Smucci hay fabric, is that it gets little pets up off the floor where the feel safe. And the sides of the bed cradle them, like a hug, for added comfort and security.”

Smucci Yellow Ginkgo Pet Cushion

Smucci Yellow Ginkgo Pet Cushion

But is the manger bed the only thing we love? Nope. I was sent samples of the other fabrics they use, and the website pictures simply cannot do justice to seeing these fabrics in person. The amazing fabric prints are actually all from photographs that Debi has taken herself (minus the “Fall Leaves” print, which was donated by Paul Clark, president of SFC Graphics Co., in Toledo, OH.). I think my favorite is the Yellow Ginkgo pattern. Although I really love them all because they are so detailed, and I know that each was created with such care. The “Feather Bed” in vibrant blues and yellows is from a photograph of HUNDREDS of Debi’s own Macow’s shedded feathers (their names: Suki and Chica).

Smucci Matisse Bed

Smucci Matisse Bed

Aside from the floor cushions, Smucci makes custom pet beds. This includes the Matisse Bed that was featured on CBS The Early Show (And check out the rest of the pictures on her blog, they live in a nature’s wonderland!).

Shopcat wanted the Smucci Manger bed, and they delivered it! It cradles Shopcat and also manages to look totally chic (which is important for me). A hand sewn pillow has the Smucci hay bale print on one side, and soft brown minky fabric on the other. The attention to detail is obvious, as the pillow even has THREE rows of colored fringe in two different colors. Seriously – if you found this in a run-of-the-mill pet store the quality would not be this great. There would only be one row of fringe, and it would be a much thinner cord. This is definitely a posh bed, which is good since all pets are posh in some way. No matter if you have a precious Maltese, a timid calico cat or a big ol’ mixed mutt – ALL animals love a bit of pampering when it comes to snuggling down somewhere.

The pillow is set within a handmade pine bed that lifts shopcat off the ground – and cats and small dogs both love to get up off the ground a bit to feel safe. Shopcat loves to be up on things, and I think her dream is to live in a loft above my head! Seriously, she’d probably just pace around and mock me in her head all day. She does that anyway, but height conveys even more power!

But anyway, Shopcat has been using this bed almost exclusively. Usually she goes from various different spots throughout the day and night – but she’s really into this bed. I haven’t even gotten it into a good spot yet (as you can see, it’s blocking some drawers right now) but she’s in it so much I haven’t had a chance to move it. Plus, I like when I am trying to fall asleep and I hear her hop up into her bed and start to purr. I can tell she likes to be up in her nest and monitor everything going on. Sometimes I look over and am surprised to see she’s secretly scooted into the bed without my knowledge. If you have a cat or small dog, this would be an excellent purchase. I can’t say the same for my “wrinkle free sheets” because they are totally wrinkled!



I am fully convinced that Smucci custom pet beds are fabulous. They are as well-made as they are cute and uniquely stylish. Even celebs have Smucci pet beds:

Drew Barrymore was sent a Smucci Yellow Ginkgo Pet Cushion
Hayden Panettiere was sent a Smucci Beach Pet Cushion*
Adam Sandler was sent a Smucci Bales of Hay Pet Cushion
Jake Gyllenhaal was sent a Smucci Bales of Hay Pet Cushion
Hilary Duff was sent a Green Ginkgo Pet Cushion for her dog Lola.

*”Hayden is especially wonderful with animals! Her dog, ‘Penny Lane’ is a lab mix. I sent her a custom Smucci Beach floor cushion.” – Debi

GET YOUR OWN! Bitch New York and The Sharper Dog and Posh Puppy Boutique have agreed to a 10% discount on Smucci products using code “shessmart”.

“Even though my products are thoughtful, artistic, and high end – my heart is really with rescue. All my pets were adopted, or found me somehow, and so rescue is the focus. I give and donate to charitable causes, and do what I can at this point in my young business. But when I am successful, I can’t wait to give significantly towards rescue efforts.” – Debi

custom pet beds

smucci pet beds

This is the Smucci booth at the 27th annual Bedford Business Association trade fair. “That’s Jamie (my son, my photographer, my computer guru…my right hand man!) We won first place in design & display out of 165 participating businesses! Jamie was also asked by the local paper, Bedford Press, to be the event photographer! He enjoyed photographing each booth and all the happenings over the weekend.” – Debi

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