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by on Friday, February 5th, 2010

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Shopcat is FAMOUS. Yup. She’s rocking out to Lady Gaga and wearing Dior sunglasses right now. …Or maybe she’s sleeping. But on the shirt I wanted to wear! To disturb her would mean certain death, so she’s won this round… and she also got something great in the mail today, too! Fanmail? Nah. But the people at The Nutro Company took notice of Shopcat and her unmistakable flair, and generously suggested that Shopcat sample their Nutro Natural Choice Cat Food with Ideal Nutrient Balance. And not just that, another lucky cat who has a reader for a pal will also receive some.

Going out of your way to buy a special kind of cat food? I would wholeheartedly recommend this.

Going out of

Yummy, apparently!

Today we received the packaged in the mail. You can tell that this is a company that really embraces the fun about animals, because the packaged MEOWED! When we opened the box, inside was a smaller box with air holes and a message stating an animal was inside. Worried that something might be in there, I opened the box to find…. a stuffed animal cat 😛 Whew! It’s very soft, and I kind of want to snuggle with it. Along with a big bag of the Nutro Natural Choice Cat Food there was a bowl provided, as well.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure how I was going to review the food. No way was I going to eat it myself. And I can’t get Shopcat to talk to me. But as it would turn out, actions speak louder than words. Despite having a bowl of her normal cat food right there, when I poured this stuff into another bowl – she went right for it. And rather than sniff at it and come back to her food later (like she usually does) she started chomping into it RIGHT away. It seems that she really, really liked it. I even gave a small handful to Shopdog, because she was looking jealous.

All of that, and can you believe it’s healthy for cats, too? I don’t think OUR diet food usually tastes so great. Nutro Natural Choice Cat Food gives your cat the ideal balance of protein/carbs/fat while also including “essential vitamins and minerals to give cats the balanced nutrition and satisfaction they naturally desire every day.” If this can make Shopcat feel better and live longer, that’s a really good investment for me to make. We received the “Adult” dry food, but there is also cat food (dry and wet) made specifically for kittens, seniors, cats who need to lose weight, strictly indoor cats etc.

My favorite thing about this food is that it helps clean Shopcat’s teeth as she eats, and freshen her breath (because of the shape/texture of the food). Since I let her lick me all the time, that makes me (a self-proclaimed germaphobe) feel much more at ease. I never let Shopdog lick me – that would be way grosser.

Image from Nutro Natural

Image from Nutro Natural

Shop Nutro Premium Pet Food: Great Cat Food

Giveaway: ONE (1) winner(s) will receive a bag of Nutro Natural Choice Cat food with Ideal Nutrient Balance, along with a cat bowl, plush kitty, and more! This is courtesy of The Nutro Company.

“Nutro Natural Choice Cat Food with Ideal Nutrient Balance gives cats the perfect mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat along with essential vitamins and minerals to aid in a healthy immune system, good vision and heart function, and easy digestibility for sensitive stomachs.”

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Good luck to all of you smart ladies, and have a sparkling day of genuine smiles. You KNOW that you deserve it. XO – Jessica, Eve, Nancy, Shopcat and Shopdog

She shops smart – she’s you! Smart shopping is always in style.

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