Kitt-In Box Review: Keeps Your Cat Off the Keyboard

by on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

If you have a cat who loves to hang out on your computer desk (and computer keyboard) then the Kitt-In Box is perfect for you. It’s kind of like a cat bed for your desk.

“Give your cat a place to rest, other than your keyboard.”

We received the Kitt-In Box from The Refined Feline to test out for Shopcat. Ever since I’d started having a food bowl (just dry food) at my desk for her, she’s been more interested in exploring the desk area. And much to my surprise, she’d started climbing on the desk and going in front of the monitor – things she hadn’t done in the three years I’ve had her. I’ve ALWAYS wanted her to hang out with my on my desk, which is why I thought this was the perfect solution. But, true to a cat’s nature, Shopcat is being difficult about this.

She’ll go in the Kitt-In Box if I feed her while she’s there (in my hand, or food on the cushion) but then she hops down to her cat bed on the floor. Sigh!

I like the Kitt-In Box and am leaving it up, hoping she’ll warm up to it (I’ve only had it up a couple days so far.)

Edit: Okay, so now she’ll go in it without food, although I think she EXPECTS food. Then she went in front of my monitor. I think I will use the easy adjusting thingys (very technical, yes) and move the Kitt-In Box closer to the monitor because right now it’s about two feet away (a mile to my cat.)

I like that you can pick what color the wood is, and you could even paint it if you were so inclined. I am also surprised at HOW sturdy it is. You can also affix it to be tilted at any angle, and have it completely hanging off the desk or almost totally on it. (Sturdy, no matter what I tried.) The only qualm I have is that the cushion could be thicker, and the coverup could be of a better material. (Something more fuzzy and comfortable.) The box itself is plenty big, and I’ve read enough other reviews all over to know that if you have curious cats who like to explore and go on your desk, you’ll both love this.

Keep your cat off the keyboard with the Kitt-In Box. Oh, and this can be used for very small dogs, as well!

The Refined Feline has other great cat furniture products like Cat Towers, Cat Shelves, and Litter Box Furniture.

Visit: The Refined Feline

Visit: Kitt-In Box

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