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by on Monday, November 18th, 2013

They were sitting, inconspicuously, in a box at Marshall’s. I almost left them there, but back on my second loop (yes I make a couple loops!) I decided to slip them on. Upon finding that they did fit, I decided to buy them even though they weren’t listed as wide width (which, my big feet always need.)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: THESE CLOGS, ugh. They don’t offer support in a good way…so all the strain goes on the top of your foot when you walk…they gave me (according to my Dr.) tendonitis! IT HURTS. I’ve HAD THIS PAIN FOR THREE MONTHS. Seriously, if they effed up my feet permanently I’m going to cry.

keen clogs mules women's

Keen Clogs – NO, NO, NO. Omg no.

Imagine my surprise, a couple weeks later, to realize how much I ADORE these freaking clogs! The brand is Keen. I’d never heard of them before. But I’m so glad that I have, now.

The clogs I got at Marshall’s were $40.00. Another surprise is to see that the retail price for the (I googled to see what it is) “Keen Dawson Clog” is $110.00. Leave it to Marshall’s to give me that kind of deal, right? (I adore Marshalls with ever fiber of my soul. It lets me pretend I’m richer than I am, and have cute stuff. I’m just hoping they’ll start offering OPI nailpolishes, not just Essie and those others.)

Although these were found in the women’s shoe section, I’ve discovered that online they are listed as a men’s shoe. Well, ha! I don’t even care, because I like them so much and no one else has ever thought they looked masuline. (I wear girly stuff a lot, and I’m talking about tiny silver rings with bows on them, people.) I think because they’re the men’s shoe, that my wide width foot fits in it without a problem, really. I never would have openly gone for a men’s shoe, but now I’m glad that it happened. I also think they could be listed as unisex in style. So if the fit is right, forget what they’re “supposed” to be. (THESE ARE MY WORDS OF ADVICE.)

Now, as for why I like them, there are quite a few reasons. 

  1. They’re casual and easy to wear. I rock a lot of yoga pants and dark wash jeans. I’ve worn these with both options, and they always work. I probably wouldn’t wear them with sweatpants or hotpants, however. (Not that I, er, own hotpants.)
  2. I like to always be comfortable (except, tell me what bra is ever comfortable, ugh) and these are incredibly comfortable. I can stand in these for hours without feeling really sore. I’m not sure what kind of technology is at work, and there’s no super obvious cushions, yet I feel very supported.
  3. They slip on easily. But they have a bit of a heel, and my foot sits inside of the rim. So this isn’t the typical clog where you might end up with wet leaves stuck on your socks if you run outside in them. These raise you up and feel more like real shoes than clogs. But, they still have the bonus factor of being super easy to slip on. This is the reason I am always trying to find cute clogs – I like to get my shoes on and off super fast!
  4. This last thing is hard to explain. They just feel incredibly sturdy. When I walk in them, I feel very sure of my footing and confident…whereas other shoes I have make me walk/feel differently. (It’s kind of cool how much our style choices affect our own mentality of how we feel.) These are like my POWER SHOES. I’m Olivia Pope, ya’ll!

All in all, I’d say really keep your eyes open for this Keen brand. I was not sent these by a company, so this is a review I am posting simply out of my own decision to share with you guys.  I hope you enjoyed this Keen Clog Review and stay with for more reviews.

Purchasing Info:

Keen Dawson Clog in Black on Zappos

Keen Dawson Clog in Cascade Brown on Zappos

Keen Dawson Clogs on Amazon


  • Leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Perforation and stitching details
  • Nubuck upper
  • Leather lining
  • Approx. 34” heel height
  • EVA midsole

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