Kakadu Pet Review: Oasis Pet Bed for Large Dogs OR Small Cats

by on Thursday, September 9th, 2010

I’m very lucky not to be a Mother of twins, because I’d inevitably want to pull the full Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen matching gimmick on them far longer than they’d be okay with. But that’s why pets are so genius! Dogs are colorful, and cats just don’t care!

And I know sometimes being matchy-matchy is weird, but would you buy a pastel floral couch and then an electric plaid couch for opposite of it? Nu uh. And I’m very into design and everything looking nice. In this case, it means if I can get matching pet beds, I will! Considering the amount of places the animals flop, I need to have places for them all over.

We were sent the Kakadu Pet: Pet Oasis Pet Beds for Shop Cat (in small) and Shop Dog (in large.) I love that they match. Often you’ll see beds, but they’ll only make them for one species. And here’s the truth, Shop Cat is an exceptionally small cat (runt of the litter, we think!) and Shop Dog, in comparison, is huge! Kakadu was gracious enough to let us review the Pet Oasis Bed in both sizes, and so neither Shop Cat or Shop Dog would feel favored. And trust me, they do get jealous of each other very easily.

I selected the color black, and I think the white piping along the edges really makes it look fancier. The material is machine washable (40% cotton and 60% polyester fabric and 100% polyester filling), durable, comfy for the animals with an anti-friction feature. The bottom of the beds has an anti-slip texture so it won’t slip around on hardwood floors, and there’s a nice cushion inside.

Shop Dog loves her bed, for serious! I’ve tried to buy and get her to use puffy beds (puffy to her, seemed just the right amount of puff to me!) that were flat. She hated that. But this bed has floppy walls. The cushion isn’t too puffy, and she likes climbing into the bed and then letting her limbs and head go over the edges of the walls. It still looks nice and professional (more than just a blanket on the floor), so I don’t care what she does! These are definitely dog beds for large dogs that they will like, especially if they don’t want to be too confined.  I will note that one issue with the larger bed that the smaller bed doesn’t have is that the walls aren’t as sturdy. I put the back of the bed against a wall, but the side and small front walls are very bendable and dont’ conform to as particular a shape as the smaller one. While I would prefer it to be more conformed, my dog actually likes that she can lop a leg over the side easily. Shop Dog is about 70 lbs, and she’s a rescued mix but you could compare her size to a Border Collie. And these are great washable dog beds for large dogs. Being able to wash/clean a pet bed? VERY important!

Shop Cat is a funny creature. She likes her bed. But you know whose she likes more? Just because it’s there… she likes the ginormous Shop Dog bed! Seriously, you guys – she sits in that bed like she’s Thumbelina on a giant lilly pad! And she PURRS. I think we may have a bit of competition between whose bed is WHOSE! Shop Cat is a princess. She’ll learn. And really, for her – she always prefers beds that have something at the back because she likes added safety features (she’s always anticipating an attack or a volcano or something!) A plain pillow on the floor is not gonna cut it for her. So I always keep that in mind when picking something for her.

Because I am a SUPER nerd, I already have it in my mind that I can change the look of these beds whenever I want by buying matching blankets (for different seasonal colors, even) and putting them in the beds. …I’ll admit I even picked the black beds because Shop Cat is gray and I thought that would compliment her fur better than most other colors. Hehe. If you have a pet with dark fur, definitely go with the black. The colors available for this particular Pet Oasis bed by Kakadu are cornflower blue, hot pink, wheat and black. I’ve been decorating a lot with green, so if they had been green I might have gotten that to compliment my green walls. As you can tell…I put a LOT of thought into all design aspects. But that’s what I love! (I was reading Architectural Digest issues at age 14.)

So, if you’re interested in this bed check out the Kakadu Pet: Oasis Pet Bed. If not, Kakadu Pet makes lots of other beds, plus dog collars, leads, harnesses, clothes, carriers, and bowls. The website is colorful, easy to navigate, the packaging is professional, and the who work there were extremely accommodating and nice to me.

I love my gals (Shop Dog and Shop Cat) so making them happy makes me happy. And these beds make them happy. :)

And you guys, Kakadu is so nice they’re going to let you pick the size/color you want of any Oasis Pet Bed! That post is coming soon!

UPDATE: A week of having the beds, both pets looove them. Seriously. But I also wish I had not gone with black, because it is really showing up the gray and light brown pet hairs. Oops. I knew I should have gone with wheat or blue!

Disclosure: I received a product to review, but was not compensated in any other way for my opinion.

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