Interactive Cat Toys: One to Watch

by on Monday, October 17th, 2011

I like to stick to traditions, but interactive cat toys are just plain better than a simple string. And here’s one you should keep an eye on – the Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy. generously sent along this, one of their many interactive cat toys, for us to review with my two cats.  This is an automatic laser toy that moves around, without making me have to do any of the moving. I know, you’re going to accuse me of being a lazy cat mom – but not before you judge me for thinking I’m a mom to my cats… But listen, sometimes I can’t engaged with the cats! Like when I’m doing chores, or sleeping, or watching important TV! That’s when it’s nice to have something that can keep the cats busy so they don’t knock over plants out of their vengeful. (And seriously, they do it to be vengeful, I’m certain of it!)

You put some batteries in this sucker, and can set the speed and the amount of time for the unit to be on. There are also 16 different “play combination” which is very important (but so far, still confusing to figure out.) I have the FroliBolt, but the problem is that the cats get bored of the automatic function since the one pattern seems to be pretty easy to figure out after a while. While I still recommend the FroliBolt, I recommend it more for the handheld use rather than the automatic one. The Dart is supposed to be a step up from the Bolt. I also love that it goes in 360 degrees, while the bolt only did about half that.

A  con with the Dart is that you can’t really use it with your own hand. I find the motor of the machine a bit loud, and the cats don’t really like to chase the laser the way they’ll chase the Bolt laser. I think it’s because it’s too fast, and the cats are more interested in attacking the unit since it’s the source of the light (they’re smart cats) and it’s moving around. No matter what, the cats are interested, at least. I think I might recommend the FroliBolt first. I hope this dart laser review has been helpful for pet owners!

The Dart is $29.99 at, HERE and the FroliBolt is available for $19.99 from, HERE

Disclosure: Item sent for review, there was no monetary compensation exchanged to reflect the outcome of said review.

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